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Kanda adds new twist, his manager Aruna tells police, she took Geetika for abortion, family alleges vilifcation

New Delhi, Aug 12 : Former Haryana minister Gopal Kanda's MDLR manager Aruna Chaddha has reportedly told Delhi Police that she had taken Geetika Sharma to a private clinic in Lajpat Nagar for abortion, but
PTI September 23, 2012 11:46 IST
New Delhi, Aug 12 : Former Haryana minister Gopal Kanda's MDLR manager Aruna Chaddha has reportedly told Delhi Police that she had taken Geetika Sharma to a private clinic in Lajpat Nagar for abortion, but Geetika's family has alleged this was part of a vilification campaign by the Kanda camp.

Times of India reported that the Delhi Police is planning to verify Chaddha's claim,made during her interrogation, by taking her to the clinic.

They will be questioning Geetikas family too as her suicide note had given no such indication, says the TOI report.

Geetikas family, however, sees this as a vilification campaign and a veiled threat from Gopal Kanda to back off.

Geetika's brother, Ankit, told TOI:  " This is character assassination.  They are trying to scare us by making these claims.  If this was true,  we would have known."

 Geetika's mother said she was hundred per cent sure that this was incorrect.

Meanwhile,  a team of Delhi Police has  picked up Kanda's nephew (sister's son-in-law ), a receptionist from MDLR office and the caretaker of Kanda's farmhouse for questioning on Saturday.

This is seen as a strategy to build pressure on Kanda, who has remained elusive after Delhi Police wasted the first few days in collecting evidence, giving him enough time to set the board.

Those detained on Saturday are being questioned about Kanda's whereabouts, activities,  his relationship with Geetika and on certain papers seized from the MDLR office.

The caretaker is likely to be questioned about visitors.

Meanwhile, the police custody of Aruna was extended by a day by a Rohini court after the police said they were still to recover some crucial papers.

Experts from the cyber cell of police visited Geetika's house on Saturday to seek the family's help in cracking her email password.

The police have been unsuccessful so far in gaining access to the inbox.

It is quite possible that somebody else had access to Geetikas inbox and changed her password, said a source.

The mail inbox may proved to be critical for the police expect it to have all the communication she had with Kanda and his associates. This can be used as evidence in court.

A senior officer confirmed that they had not yet been able to ascertain the number of calls Kanda made to Geetika; however,a source said over 350 calls were made in the last one and a half months.  

Unless the mobile numbers used by Kanda to communicate with Geetika are verified,we cannot arrive at any count, he added.

The police are keen to find out what happened between March 31 and July 1 in 2009 when Geetika was in Goa.

Sources said the cops suspect that it was after Goa that Geetika began to distance herself from Kanda she had come to know a lot about the man by then.

According to statements by the family, it appears that Geetika was upset after she discovered Kanda's new face and his alleged relations with other women.

It has been revealed that on March 31,Geetika was issued a letter of re-location (transfer) and re-designation and sent to Goa as the coordinator of MDLR group.

Till March 30, she was an ordinary senior cabin crew.

In Goa, she came across another woman working at the offshore casino, Mint Cruise vessel.  Police said she was the same woman whom Geetika had named in her suicide note, alleging that she had a child from Kanda.

During her stint in Goa, she had constant fights with this woman and Bollywood starlet Nupur Mehta and this allegedly led to a situation in which Geetika lodged an FIR against the duo amidst high drama, accusing them of threatening her and stealing her belongings.

Geetika  was immediately called back and transferred from MDLR group to MDLR hotels.   Nine months later,Geetika resigned from the company for the first time.

After resigning on May 22,2010, Geetika joined Emirates on June 29 but the family alleged that Kanda continued to pester her.

Kanda even went to Dubai with Aruna Chaddha and asked her to return and join the company. When this failed, Kanda and his wife, Saras Kanda, visited Geetika's house and pleaded with her mother to convince Geetika to join the company.