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Here’s a look at Kamal Haasan and Gautami’s love story


Veteran actor Kamal Haasan’s love life hit the headlines after Gautami announced their break-up in her blog on Tuesday. The actress didn’t divulge in the reasons behind her split with Haasan but mentioned that it was a heart-breaking decision for her. Kamal and Gautami were dating each other for 13 years and were staying in a live-in relationship for a decade. The couple was also accompanied by Gautami’s daughter from first marriage SubbuLakshmi. Gautami stated that parting ways with the veteran actor was a much thoughtabout decision and the two has decided to deal with their separation in a matured way. Besides, Kamal too has shown his consent for the break-up and said that he is fine the separation if it provides comfort and solace to Gautami. So, as their long-time relationship comes to an end, here’s a look at their love story