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Russian Girl Cooked & Eaten With Potatoes

Russian prosecutors say two young men have been charged with killing and dismembering a 16-year-old girl and eating parts of her body.Prosecutors in St. Petersburg say the 11th-grader disappeared on her way to school on
PTI May 10, 2010 13:17 IST
Russian prosecutors say two young men have been charged with killing and dismembering a 16-year-old girl and eating parts of her body.

Prosecutors in St. Petersburg say the 11th-grader disappeared on her way to school on Jan. 19. They say she was killed that night and parts of her body were later found in plastic bags scattered around the city.

City prosecutor's spokesman Sergei Kapitonov said Wednesday police arrested two men — a butcher and a florist — on suspicion of murder.

Prosecutors believe they drowned the girl in a bathtub, cut her body into pieces and ate some of her internal organs. They allegedly then bagged up her remains and disposed of them. Kapitonov said the suspects told investigators they ate the organs because they were hungry.

The trial of two Russian men accused of chopping up a 16-year-old girl and eating her with potatoes has been postponed after a juror fell ill looking at prosecution images.

The prosecution says that on 19 January last year, they drowned in the bath 16-year-old Karina Buduchyan. Dismembered corpse of a girl, cooked it in the oven with potatoes, onions, spices and eaten.

The case was postponed after the juror had to be excused while examining photographs of student Karina Barduchian after her death.

Maxim Golovatskikh and his friend florist Yury Mozhnov, both 20, are accused of drowning Karina Barduchian, in a bath, then carving up her body and serving her meat with potatoes to a lodger.

In the bathroom, which lay in the bath Karina Buduchyan, went Maxim Glavatskikh. He undressed and sat on top of Karina, keeping her feet under water. Then he sneezed three times – it was a symbol for Mozhnova, which went into the bathroom and began holding her head under water Karina, until it ceased to give signs of life. Then part of the body of Karina, they cooked in the oven with onions and spices. And even then committed a theft, cynical but squeamish girl clothes, ornaments and a mobile phone.

Before the case was halted, the lodger, Ekaterina Zinovyeva, told the court in St Petersburg they had a party with their Goth friends on the night of the murder in January, 2009.

Karina, who was in love with Golovatskikh, stayed the night, she said.

'Maxim and Karina went to the bathroom together and I went to bed,' she told the court.

'I was sleepy but heard splashes of water and some noise there but was not worried. Sometime later I woke up and decided to check what was going on. 

'I went to the bathroom but Yury stopped me on the way and told me to go back to bed.

'They had joked earlier that they could kill Karina but, of course, I couldn't believe for a second that they were serious.'

Next day when she got home from work, Maxim and Yury offered Ekaterina meat and potatoes. She allegedly ate it not knowing where it was from.

The men later hid the rest of Karina's remains in garbage skips, it is alleged

According to his mother, January 19, 2009 Karina came home from school and went to stick ads in the area of a subway station of St. Petersburg. So she earned pocket money. The girl told her mother that she had left a small stack of ads in the weekend. In the evening after work Karina called her mother from her mobile. She said that she needed to make a report to the lessons of history, and because no home Internet access, it will stay the night at his girlfriend.

“I said: you'd better get a deuce, only to come home – straying in mourning,” explained Hope Buduchyan. – She answered: “Mum, do not worry, at 7 am, I'll be at home, I have a head on his shoulders.”

“I asked her to convey her phone friend with whom she was going to stay. Talk to her, and it reassured me, because I knew her before “, – added the victim.

The next day, Karina did not come home. Mother inconclusive obzvonila all her friends and went to the police. On the death of her daughter, she learned only two weeks from the media.

'They cut up the body of the victim into several pieces, eating some of them and throwing the others into the bin,' said prosecutor Andrei Lavrenko.

'They cooked her meat and served up the meal with potatoes.

'They were interrogated and explained the murder by saying they were desperate to eat.'

The deputy head of St Petersburg criminal investigations Sergei Strelin said: 'They confessed their guilt straight away. They explained they were hungry and drunk.'

The victim had defied her mother in continuing to see Golovatskikh, who was also the lead singer in a minor pop group in Russia's second city.

Her mother Nadya, 45, said: 'Our lives are ruined by Karina's death and the horrible way.