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Lashkar Training Women Jihadis To Hit India

Indian intelligence agencies have warned that the dreaded Lashkar-e-Taiyaba in Pakistan is training hardcore female recruits to go to India to carry out attacks and blasts, reports Delhi tabloid Mail Today in a frontpage news.
PTI September 02, 2010 15:30 IST
Indian intelligence agencies have warned that the dreaded Lashkar-e-Taiyaba in Pakistan is training hardcore female recruits to go to India to carry out attacks and blasts, reports Delhi tabloid Mail Today in a frontpage news.

In a significant breakthrough, Indian intelligence agencies have gathered vital evidence to prove how terror camps are being run in various parts of Pakistan and Pakistanoccupied Kashmir ( PoK).

Operatives working for Indian intelligence have managed to procure photographs that expose the network of terror camps inside Pakistan and PoK run by organisations such as Lashkare- Tayyeba ( LeT) and Jaish- e- Mohammed ( JeM).

Shockingly, at least one of the camps operated by LeT at Shawai Nullah Camp in Muzaffarabad comprises only woman recruits, many of whom are being trained to become part of fidayeen squads who would target key installations even as they themselves get killed.

These pictures formed part of a dossier on militancy in Kashmir, a document that was discussed at length during the recently concluded conference of directors-general and inspectors-general of police in the Capital. Along with the pictures, the dossier provides graphic details such as satellite images of the jihadi factories ope rating across the border.

Other organisations that are allegedly operating their camps here include the Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami (HuJI) and the Hizbul Mujahideen.

Intelligence sources claim that the LeT camp has close to 2,000 women cadre, largely from the PoK, whose families have some India links. “Women form an important part of the LeT gameplan as it makes them less suspicious,” a top home ministry official said. He added that the LeT is not only using them for subversive activities in India but also for propaganda and civil disobedience that the Valley witnessed recently. In fact, after the holy month of Ramzan, we expect a fresh round of trouble in the Valley,” he added.

In fact, officials add, it is in this sort of a situation that the female cadre of the LeT would be extremely effective. “They would indulge in door-to-door propaganda and no one would even suspect them,” officials close to the developments said.

The dossier also reveals how the Pakistan Army protects and guards these terror camps thus nailing the lie that the Pakistani establishment has been dishing out ever since the terror attack on Mumbai on November 26, 2008. The 26/11 attack claimed the lives of 170, killed by 10 LeT terrorists who fired indiscriminately at people after gaining access to various city landmarks.

The photographs reveal army vehicles and pickets at the Shawai Nullah, Bait-ul-Ikram camps in Muzaffarabad and the Jangal Mangal Camp in Manshera district of the North-West Frontier Province. Intelligence officials claim the army presence is largely due to two factors: One, they suspect Indian agencies would try to eliminate them, and two, the terrorists should not leave the camp.

“There have been some reports that some of the men undergoing training at these camps escaped and harassed the local population,” a top intelligence official said. He also added that the Pakistan Army and its intelligence wing, the ISI, are also actively involved in the terror training.

The documents in the dossier also reveal an interesting yet unknown facet of Pakistan- sponsored terrorism.

HuJI, which was thought to be operating only out of Bangladesh until now, has established a base at Chelabandi in Muzaffarabad. Using this base as the launch- pad, the Pakistani agencies routinely send militants across the border into India.

Intelligence agencies claim that they have managed to acquire photographs of the HuJI safe house at Muzaffarabad.

This confirms what was, until now, only a fleeting suspicion — that HuJI was gradually shifting some of its operations from Bangladesh to Pakistan. The updated dossier gives graphic details of at least a dozen, some of them new, camps operating in various districts of Pakistan.

Despite all the evidence gathered so far, Indian agencies have not yet shared this information with Pakistan. “ The only problem is that the minute this evidence is handed over to Pakistan these camps will be dismantled and relocated to a new place,” an official said. “ As a result, in the future it will be even more difficult for our operatives to have any kind of access to these camps.” He added: “ This damning evidence goes to prove that Pakistan is just not serious about dismantling these terror factories and that assurances from those at the highest level are no good.” Pakistan has been assuring India — and indeed the rest of the world — that it is sincere about fighting the war on terror that has killed thousands around the world and also in Pakistan.

It is engaged in a joint anti- terror operation with the US in some of the most troubled areas of the country, including Waziristan. In spite of evidence to the contrary, the US has not been able to rein in Pakistan's state support for terror camps. “ We hope that this evidence could help the US decide on its future course of action against Pakistan,” a top official said.