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Killer Describes How He Plunged The Blade On Seeing A Rose Tattoo On His Wife's Breast

Britain's deranged killer James McKenzie has written a letter to his daughter describing  how he repeatedly plunged a blade into his wife's chest to "rip her heart like mine was ripped", reports The Scottish Sun. 
PTI September 11, 2010 17:30 IST

Britain's deranged killer James McKenzie has written a letter to his daughter describing  how he repeatedly plunged a blade into his wife's chest to "rip her heart like mine was ripped", reports The Scottish Sun. 

The jilted man described how he ignored his wife Denise Grieve's pleas for mercy before deliberately aiming the deadly blows at a rose tattoo on her left breast.

McKenzie's sinister account of the murder came in a 17-page letter to his own daughter Jorden - who'd survived the bloodbath attack.

McKenzie, 61, knifed Denise, 48, to death in a jealous frenzy after wrongly believing she was pregnant to another man. He was sentenced to life imprisonment last month after admitting the barbaric crime at her home in Glenrothes, Fife, last March.

The Scottish Sun revealed the true extent of his evil, after he tormented Jorden with his twisted murder confession from behind bars.

He wrote: "When I saw the rose tattoo on her left breast I felt my heart break, and at that moment wanted to rip her heart the way mine felt ripped apart. So I pushed the blade of the knife deep into her beside the rose tattoo. I was trying to get it in her heart and when your mum didn't make a sound I eased it out again then pushed it back in underneath her breast aiming for her heart again. She still said nothing and I took it back out, but finally pushed the knife in one last time to the middle of her chest and left it there.

"I leaned over and cradled her in my arms and said 'Please go Denise, please just go' and it was then I heard her gurgling noise coming from her throat."

The killer's rant - penned in May from a remand cell - also went into sickening details of his state of mind. He told how he had snapped over his estranged wife's relationship with Robert Graham. And he even boasted to Jorden, 20, that she is only alive because he chose to "spare" her.

On Thursday night,  mum-of-one Jorden, 20, sobbed: "I can't believe he told me exactly what he did to my mum, it's awful. He's sick."

McKenzie had tried to throttle Jorden, after she was slashed as she tried to protect her mum during the orgy of violence in March last year.

Fearing for her two-year-old daughter Emily Robson, who was playing outside, Jorden was eventually forced to flee the house of horror and dial 999.

But McKenzie told her: "You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I knew that night that I didn't want to live without her, as life meant nothing if she was not with me. Since we were not going together, then I was going to take her life and also my own at some point that week."

His letter added: "I was getting desperate to get it all over with but you just kept getting in the way. That's why I grabbed you in the living room saying there was a change of plan and I was taking you with me. It was me who let you go. Do you honestly think that if I was determined to kill you then you would have actually gotten away from me."

The brute went on to describe how terrified Denise begged for mercy as he first stabbed her.

He wrote: "As I lifted the knife... she said 'Don't do this', but I ignored her pushing it into her stomach. She didn't cry out in pain or show she felt anything, and as I took the knife back out I heard her say, 'Please don't do this to me I promise I will never see him (Mr Graham) again'. I said it was too late and that I didn't believe her - then I pushed the blade back into her stomach again. It was when I pushed the knife into her a third time that she said 'Hold me'. So I put my arms around her and told her I loved her, then I kissed her on the lips and she actually smiled at me. I carried her up to the room... your mum never said anything more to me, but just kept looking at me as I lay down beside her."

The killer then described plunging the knife at her rose tattoo, before writing: "The colour drained from her lips and kissed her and I thought it must have been all over for her now."

He added: "As I was driving away from the car park I saw Emily trying to get out of the gate, so I ran back to bolt it shut to stop her getting out. Thankfully there will be no lasting damage for her to remember, although I can't say the same could be said for you."

Despite Jorden's horrific ordeal, McKenzie insisted Denise was the only person he sought forgiveness from.

He wrote: "I don't expect anyone to understand what I did or why. You all knew what was going on. I can't believe you were happy your mother wanted a new life with Rab Graham. It was because I didn't want to lose her I did what I did. The only forgiveness I need is from your mum. Your mum isn't dead to me, just waiting for me to join her."