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Salman Does A Dabangg Dance With Rajat Sharma In Adalat

The irrepressible Bollywood star Salman Khan coolly walked out of the dock in Rajat Sharma's Aap Ki Adalat and did a brief Dabangg dance jig on the Adalat floor with the show host to the
PTI September 03, 2010 16:12 IST

The irrepressible Bollywood star Salman Khan coolly walked out of the dock in Rajat Sharma's Aap Ki Adalat and did a brief Dabangg dance jig on the Adalat floor with the show host to the delight of hundreds of fans sitting in the gallery and the judge Shatrughan Sinha. 

Apart from theatrics, Salman Khan calmly replied to probing questions from Rajat Sharma on his friendships with Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif, his adversarial relationship with Shah Rukh Khan and his serious brush with law for the Jodhpur chinkara killings and the Mumbai hit-and-run case. 


Asked whether he once broke glasspanes and had a bruised hand during a tiff with Aishwarya, Salman replied: “Your personal life is your personal life. If I try to defend myself, people will say I am telling a lie. So, it's better to be silent. She (Ash) is somebody's wife now and married to the son of a great actor. She has a happy married life. Once your friendship is over, let her happiness be forever.”


Asked why he brought out look-alikes of stars with whom he had a relationship, Salman gave a frank reply. “Like Aishwarya and Sneha Ullas, like Katrina and Zarine, but tell me are they really look-alikes? I don't find them similar.”

Rajat : You must be knowing better, but how do you get such look-alikes?

Salman: Sir, mil jaate hain mujhe (I get them anyway).


Asked why he gets irritated on being asked about his relationship with Katrina Kaif, Salman said, it's because of the manner in which the question is put. “It's my personal life. Suppose, I am quits with Katrina, does that improve anybody's chance of either being closer to Katrina  or to me?” 

Pressed by Rajat Sharma further, the actor replied : “Love also has an expiry date. If there is an expiry date for food, medicines and even cream, then why not an expiry date for love?”


Salman : “Even after 11 years, I feel very, very sorry whenever I take the right turn at that crossing In Bandra. My driver was driving that car. You can ask him. I was sitting at the back. The vehicle was such that when the driver applied the brakes, it skidded and ran over those who were there….. One good thing was that after that incident came to limelight, there has been a 75% decline in cases of drunken driving on Mumbai roads.”


Salman : “We will fight the case in the higher courts and shall win. The first post mortem report on the dead black buck said it died of overeating, it fell from a wall and was eaten by a dog. 11 days later, another post-mortem report came said there was “probability” that the blackbuck was killed.  There were Tabu, Sonali, Neelam also. Do you think they would have killed the blackbucks?....Even the public prosecutor once posed with me for a photograph after a case hearing. I don't mind losing the case but I will not (yield)”.


Salman: “Yes, I had a quarrel with Shah Rukh Khan. There was one earlier too. Until and unless  God intervenes, I am not going to patch up. Woh apni jagah khush hai, main yahan khush hoon”.

In the show, Shatrughan Sinha revealed how his daughter Sonakshi  lost 30 kg weight within a year to do her role in Dabangg. Salman disclosed how his brother Arbaaz insisted that he should wear a moustache in the film. “After Veer, I had long hair and beard, and while shaving them off, he told me to keep the moustache for the policeman's role. With the moustache, my style of walking, thinking, too changed.”

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