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CBI To Quiz Former Noida DSP In Aarushi Case

The mystery behind Aarushi-Hemraj murder case is finally unwrapping now. The CBI is all set to interrogate retired Deputy Superintendent of UP Police KK Gautam and Dr PK Jha, an eye specialist then posted at
PTI June 05, 2010 13:44 IST
The mystery behind Aarushi-Hemraj murder case is finally unwrapping now. The CBI is all set to interrogate retired Deputy Superintendent of UP Police KK Gautam and Dr PK Jha, an eye specialist then posted at district hospital, Noida, for their role in the conspiracy to destroy evidence, reports The Pioneer.  

K K Gautam had made a dramatic entry into the case discovering the body of domestic help Hemraj from the terrace of the L-32 Jalvayu Vihar flat of Talwars, while Noida police was trying to trace him as the main accused in the case.

While explaining his ‘stumbling upon the body', Gautam had then mentioned to news channels that on hearing the news of Aarushi's murder, he decided to pay a ‘courtesy call' on Talwars as they were known to him, the Pioneer report says. He had explained that on reaching the flat, he saw a blood trail and “the cop in him” helped him trace the body of Hemraj lying on the terrace of the flat.

According to the report, the CBI has now deciphered from the mobile records of all concerned that the former DSP's visit may not have been a mere ‘courtesy call'.

Sources said, “The post-mortem examination of Aarushi was conducted on May 16. The family members of Aarushi returned home at around 5 pm after the post-mortem. Just after returning to the residence, a call was made by the family to the former DSP of UP Police. Thereafter, the former DSP made a call to the Noida-based eye specialist, who in turn made a call on an unknown number. After 10 minutes, the chain of calls was repeated in the reverse order. The eye specialist received a call from the unknown number. Then the eye specialist made the call to former DSP KK Gautam, who, in turn, called the dentist couple.”

The CBI source said the conversation came under scanner as the same chain was repeated the next day on May 17. Later on the same day, the former DSP reached the residence of the Talwar family for the ‘courtesy call' and “the cop in him found the body of domestic help Hemraj”, who till then was being hunted by Noida police. CBI sources point out that the events of May 16 and 17 could not be a mere coincidence and point to the circumstantial evidence against the doctor and the DSP being part of a possible conspiracy.

According to sources, the conversations form an uncanny chain and raise questions about the role of the eye specialist. Gautam, incidentally, was no ordinary DSP and enjoyed proximity to powers-that-be in the Uttar Pradesh establishment. He was part of the charmed circle of Noida and often given charge of the functions organised by the ruling party of UP in the national Capital.

Aarushi, the daughter of dentist couple Rajesh and Nupur Talwar, was found murdered on the morning of May 16, 2008. The body of their domestic help Hemraj (42), who was initially booked as the main accused, was found on the terrace of their Jalvayu Vihar residence the next day.

The CBI is, now, making all possible effort to unearth the text of conversation. It may be noted that before handing over the case to the CBI, the Noida police had also tried to trace the said unknown number.

Before it could trace the number, the case was transferred to the central agency. The CBI has failed to trace the unknown number so far.

On the role of the eye specialist, CBI source said the destruction of medical evidence has to be examined. “It's not a mere coincidence that Gautam stumbles upon the body and the vaginal swab gets exchanged at the hospital. The said doctor was posted at the hospital where the exchange takes place. He is among the few people with whom the DSP interacts, when he is called upon by the Talwars in their hour of crisis. It definitely calls for examination of his role as much as that of pathologist Ritcha Saxena and also then Medical Superintendent of the hospital,” said CBI source.

It has already been reported that the CBI will examine pathologist Ritcha Saxena, then posted at the Noida Hospital, who had examined the slides containing vaginal swab of Aarushi. The CBI has already questioned the cops who were responsible for carrying the vaginal swab from the mortuary to the district hospital, Noida.

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