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Ayodhya Verdict: Centre Invokes Mahatma Gandhi For Peace

New Delhi :On the eve of the Ayodhya verdict, the Centre today said adequate measures have been taken to ensure that there is no trouble as it once again appealed for maintenance of peace for
PTI September 29, 2010 21:27 IST
New Delhi :On the eve of the Ayodhya verdict, the Centre today said adequate measures have been taken to ensure that there is no trouble as it once again appealed for maintenance of peace for which it even invoked Mahatma Gandhi.

Observing that India has "moved on" since 1992, Home Minister P Chidambaram said he does not "foresee any problems" as almost all political parties, religious groups and those associated with the Ram Janambhoomi-Babri Masjid title suits have said that they would respect the court verdict.

 "But, as government, we have to take measures. So we have deployed adequate forces," he told reporters.

 "The Central government has taken adequate measures and has deployed adequate security forces all over the country in order to assist the state governments to maintain law, order and peace," he said.

He once again appealed to all sections of people of the country to cooperate with the government and "uphold the values that are dear to our country".

In this context, Chidambaram invoked Mahatma Gandhi and cited his favourite bhajan -- 'Ishwar Allah Tero Naam, Sabko Sanmati De Bhagwan'.

 At the same time, he expressed confidence that there would be no trouble after the judgement. "I think, India has moved on, young people have moved on. I think, young people have recognised that India story is much more than a dispute over a place where one religious group claims they are entitled to than another religious group."

He contended that "the India story is much bigger a story and young people recognise that that bigger story should not be derailed over dispute over a piece of land."

Pointing out that political parties and religious leaders have appealed for peace, the Home Minister said, "I think, India has moved, especially people who were born after 1992. They have a very different world view."

Chidambaram, while referring to his earlier appeal issued on September 22 in anticipation of the verdict on September 24 that was postponed, said the delay of six days in delivery of judgement has had "unintended benefit".

The delay, he said, has given "an opportunity to a number of parties, groups and individuals to reiterate that they will respect the verdict of the court."

The Home Minister pointed out that many organisations connected with the dispute have affirmed that they would respect the court judgement and seek to advance their cause, if so advised, only in accordance with the law.

 In this regard, he mentioned VHP, saying it too had said that whatever steps it takes after the High Court judgement will be in accordance with the law.

"Almost everybody believes that the way to resolve the dispute is through judicial resolution. I think, that is a significant advance from 1992 position," he said.

He said besides the political parties and religious groups, many common citizens have spoken and written in favour of judicial resolution.

"All these are helpful signs that peace and harmony will prevail in the wake of the judgement," he said.

Asked about the reported comments by RSS that there could be "spontaneous" reaction by some people, Chidambaram said, "if one or two individuals want to give vent to their so-called spontaneous feelings, so be it. We have asked state governments to be firm."

 Queried whether he had any apprehensions over law and order issue in BJP-ruled states, he said the party's official position was that it would respect the court judgement and he expected the party-ruled state governments to abide by and respect that line.

With regard to Uttar Pradesh, Chidambaram said 1.90 lakh personnel of police and various security forces were available with the state government for maintenance of law and order.

On the Uttar Pradesh government's letter to the Home Ministry demanding more forces, he said he could not recall its contents but noted that Chief Minister Mayawati's close associate Satish Chandra Mishra had spoken to him.

"I think, I convinced Mr Mishra and through him the Uttar Pradesh government that 1.90 lakh security personnel are more than enough to maintain law and order. I think, he was satisfied," the Home Minister said.

 "We are confident that with the measures we have taken, we will be able to maintain law and order," he said.

To a question, Chidambaram hoped that there would be no celebrations as he emphasised that in a legal battle, there cannot be any winners or losers.

Celebrations, he quipped, should be reserved for the Commonwealth Games.

 Asked whether there were any reports about mobilisation by some sections, Chidambaram replied that certain "mischievous" messages were being circulated, because of which the government had banned bulk SMSes and MMSes.

The ban on bulk SMSes and MMSes will continue till further orders, he said.

Queried whether proper security arrangements would have helped avert the demolition of the disputed structure, the Home Minister evaded a direct reply and said "at that time, neither you were there, nor I was there. Let us leave it to history." PTI