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Air India Pilot Turns Monster Dad

Upasana Dhani, wife of Air India pilot Y P Dhani, has approached civil aviation minister Praful Patel seeking justice, claiming assault and harassment by her husband.  Upasana alleged that her husband beat her and her
PTI September 06, 2010 10:55 IST
Upasana Dhani, wife of Air India pilot Y P Dhani, has approached civil aviation minister Praful Patel seeking justice, claiming assault and harassment by her husband.  

Upasana alleged that her husband beat her and her daughter last year and recently partially demolished his own house and destroyed some religious idols with a JCB machine.

A case was registered against Y P Dhani by police last year when he allegedly attacked and injured his daughter Soumya. But no case was filed this time when he bulldozed the house as cops claim that Dhani didn't commit a crime.

Upasana told Mid Day  that she decided to approach the  minister after the police refused to register a case. Praful Patel has reportedly asked chairperson of Delhi Commission for Women, Barkha Singh, to look into the matter.

Upasana had a love marriage with Y P Dhani around 25 years ago. For the last few years the family has been living in Vasant Kunj, south Delhi  along with their three children - two sons; Vivek (a trainee pilot with Air India) and Samyak and daughter Soumya.  

According to Upasana, her husband started misbehaving with them after they shifted to their new house.

"He (Dhani) has started calling us slumdogs. Last year he brutally beat up Soumya with a toy ship made of iron. Soumya suffered severe injuries on her head and hands. We called the police after which he ran away from the house. Soumya and the other kids are living in fear since then," said Upasana.

Soumya, a first-year student of Gargi College, gave us a complaint letter written by her against her father.

"My father is habitual to beating us. He hurls abuses at us. Nowadays he has become extremely violent against the whole family. He calls us idiots because we have refused to support him in his psychotic actions," read the complaint letter received by Vasant Kunj (south) police station.

Upasana said her husband is mentally disturbed and doesn't want to live with his family. She claims she doesn't have any source of income and her husband doesn't give her a single penny to run the house.

"I installed CCTV cameras at the house after he demolished the front gate with a JCB. Police are not taking any action though he broke the place of worship inside the house," said Upasana.

On his part, pilot Dhyani  accused his daughter, Soumya, of assaulting him with an iron pipe.

"I have been serving with the civil aviation ministry for the last 28 years. I understand everything that's happening. My wife Upasana has some mental problems. She and Soumya are being influenced by my brothers-in-law. Soumya treats me as if I am a fresher at her college and she is a senior. She is studying sociology and is trying to create a rift between me and my wife. On that day she assaulted me with an iron pipe.

”She fractured my thumb. To defend myself I lifted up a toy ship and she suffered injuries in the process, accidentally. She has boyfriends who are vagabonds and plays violent video games along with her brother due to which she has resorted to all this," said Dhani.
"I love my family a lot. I took a loan of Rs 30 lakh and made my son Vivek a trainee pilot in Air India. Soumya and Upasana after trying to grab my property," he alleged.  

"This is a controversial issue. Now they have approached the court to get an FIR registered," said a senior police officer.