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Five-year-old twin sisters suffocate to death after being locked in a car in Gurgaon

The sisters got locked inside a car for more than 2 hours in Gurgaon.
India TV News Desk New Delhi June 15, 2017 13:36 IST
India TV News Desk

In an unfortunate incident, twin sisters, aged 5, got locked in a hot car for over two hours, the sisters then died in Gurgaon on Wednesday. The girls live in Pataudi area, in a village called Jamalpur, and were visiting their grandparents for their summer vacations. Their father is in the army and posted in Meerut.

The two sisters - Harsha and Harishita -- were found unconscious in an old Hyundai car parked in the backyard of their grandparents' home, in which they used to play often, the family claimed. Reports say there were signs that the girls had struggled to open the door, but the handle was stuck; even the windows could not be rolled down leading to their suffocation and subsequent death. 

They were to return with their parents to Meerut yesterday and in a few weeks, as the school would resume after summer holidays. The family, apparently realized that they were missing, and at around 4 pm, everyone started searching frantically for the sisters. Both were found unconcious. They were declared dead in the hospital.