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This Indian-origin British singer will leave you awe-struck with his Indo-Western remixes!

His recent cover of 'I Don't Wanna Live Forever' will make you fall in love with song even more!
Reshu Manglik New Delhi May 11, 2017 12:15 IST
Reshu Manglik

Music transcends beyond boundaries. Such is the case with this Indian-origin British singer, Sur who found his way back to India through music. He narrates his story as a young Indian man whose father left India for better opportunities and 30 years later, he made his journey back to the motherland for music. 

The 31-year-old singer explains how it feels like to be an immigrant in a place where he was born and how equally he felt like a foreigner when he came back to his own motherland. 

Though he was born and brought up in UK, Sur finds his keen interest in Indian music and culture. Justifying his name ‘Sur’ which means melody, he started experimenting by making an amalgamation of assorted styles of music. His intention was to create music that made sense to both Indian and the westerners abroad. 

Initially he contributed to his family business of photography. But Sur always knew that his calling was somewhere else than the monotony. He left his family business in UK to find his musical destination. Back in 2005, he joined a local band, Swami. But his journey wasn’t as smooth as hurdle-free as it seemed.  He competed in a local talent contest on BBC called ‘School of Rock’ among hundreds of many such talented musicians, to create his own name. The hard work didn’t go in vain. 10 years later, he got featured on BBC Midlands.

Speaking to India TV, Sur gives out this message to the young generation, “We live in a time where the people in charge try to divide us through boundaries so that we’re easier to handle. Music allows us to break through the bounds and connect to each other deeply. So, keep sharing music, keeping connecting to one another around the world through it and let love rule”

The results are before us, and we couldn’t deny that the sassy experimentation with the conventional music brought some amazing masterpieces to the front. And we’re thankful that he made such a bold move. Sample this! 

Recently, he covered a popular US chart song with another NRI musician. The result is as mystical as you could’ve ever imagined. Great feats in music can be accomplished when different cultures of music combine for a single task. He calls himself a by-product of being raised in a dual culture and this natural overlap of music is evident in his compositions. 

For those who’re looking for some jaw-dropping concoction of Indian and International music, ‘The Sur Show’ is one stop destination for them. Follow them on Facebook for your daily dose of ‘Sur’.