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What politicians in India can learn from Hillary Clinton!

What else could be a better idea by an aspirant of presidential post than to tell the fellow-country men that ‘I care'!Wife of a former president of United States of America, Hillary Clinton is now
India TV News Desk April 15, 2015 19:06 IST
India TV News Desk

What else could be a better idea by an aspirant of presidential post than to tell the fellow-country men that ‘I care'!

Wife of a former president of United States of America, Hillary Clinton is now herself in the race to become the first female president of the country in its more than 240 years of democracy.

In the first campaign video titled “Getting started” she relates with the day-to-day problems of Americans and promises to do all those things that are expected to bring a change in their daily lives - be it jobs, school admissions, future of kids, retirement, new business, marriage or likewise.

And all this, she did in a very lively and enchanting manner, by stating her point assertively in the video. Some of the points that Indian politicians can also learn from once the first lady of United States of America are-

Basics of the society 

She has addressed the basic structure of human society i.e. family.

Foundation of every society is family. No society will prosper until and unless the basic unit of it i.e. the family is not strong.

However, in India none of the political parties talk about families of individuals. Here, we love to address the bigger chunk of “vote bank” including caste, creed, religion etc.

No matter how big the challenge or threat is in the outside world, the first priority for everyone and anyone is his or her family and Indian political parties have cared the least to address this basic issue.

Positive campaign 

The campaign is positive in the sense that it shows America will prosper when every family will have a champion.

Champions are not those who make it big in social hierarchy, but those who manage their day to day affairs really well.

Addressing all sections of society 

In the video, she has addressed the varied sections of society like the migratory Asians, Africans, natives of US, males, females, oldies, youngsters, kids, homo-sexuals and alike.

She seems to have brought all of them on one platform in order to project her idea of equality.


No doubt Indian politicians are self-obsessed. Every poster, banner and even slogans are made considering the leadership in mind.

She is not! She appears in the video after 90 seconds and for a short duration in more than two minute long video.

Not a single mention of “politics” 

Not even once did she talk about politics or the opposition parties. No vested motives, no mud-slinging or blame-game either.

Interestingly, there was no shouting on top of the voice and gesticulating hands also (A common thing when Indian politicians give a speech).

Dared to touch contagious issue of gay couple marriage

The video also features a gay couple who are planning to get married the coming summer. This seems to be a bold step in US where around 30% of the population lives in jurisdictions where a same-sex couple is legally not allowed to marry.

In India, politicians often try to ignore this contagious issue as they feel that it might boomerang.

However, Hillary did touch the sensitive topic in the conservative American society which no Indian politician would have ever touched fearing loss of votes. 

Marvellously, she related with the commoners, the different age-groups, their unique problems and their expectations.

Though comments are not allowed on the video, still check this out how the biggies of the other side of the world connect with their countrymen to top the rat race.