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Woman gives birth to baby after beating breast cancer, opens a new door in cancer research

Sarah was afraid that the cancer might return, if she got pregnant.
India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi June 08, 2017 16:12 IST
India TV Lifestyle Desk

Sarah Murray, a 29-year-old woman was planning to make new beginnings in her life with her weddings. She was diagnosed with cancer in 2013. Just as when she set the date to tie the knot, the same week she was diagnosed with the life-threatening illness. She was planning to have children. Even after fighting her way to remission, she was scared to have babies.  Breast cancer is far more common among women who have give birth. This triggered a fear in her.

Sarah was afraid that the cancer might return, if she got pregnant. But she didn’t want to fear to cloud the decision that might bring the utmost joy to her and her family. She joined a large European trial examining how cancer survivors are affected by pregnancy. 

Now she has become the first US woman in the study to deliver a baby proving that it is completely safe for cancer survivors to become pregnant. She delivered her son Owen, in December. Researchers say that this step is a landmark in the cancer research. Those who became pregnant after conquering cancer had no more chances of getting cancer back than those who did not have a baby. 

The average age of moms has been rising in United States and most of the women contract breast cancer in their childbearing age. A study has been conducted in Europe on women who cancers were triggered by hormones. So there are chances of recurrence during pregnancy.