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Solo woman traveller? Fikar not, ‘Jugni’ is making travelling a lot safer for women

Jugni is changing the face of solo women travelling in India, a trip at a time!
Reshu Manglik New Delhi May 25, 2017 16:08 IST
Reshu Manglik

We all know what ‘Jugni’ means- a firefly. A firefly obeys no boundary, minds no restriction. Following the footsteps of a firefly, this travel company ‘Jugni’ like not like any other travel company you come across. It organizes adventurous trips, which are more like a life-changing experience, but, only for ‘women’. If you’re a woman reading my blog post, then you can recall the moments when you feel like just packing your bags and head to place where you calling is. Trust me, it’s everyone one of us at some point of our lives. Partner dependency, busy schedule and social stigma somehow holds the travel bug in a woman. 

Being a solo woman traveller in India isn’t a cakewalk. There are countless of hurdles ranging from transport to the cost of the trip. Acknowledging these travel challenges of our Bharatiya Naari, Jugni makes a grand entry in the world of wanderlust. The most interesting fact about this travel start-up is that it is being run by two men, Rohit Khattar and Nitesh Chauhan. Yes, memorize the names, because these two men have taken the responsibility to turn your travel dreams into a reality. 

Putting the women safety at apex, Jugni, at the same hand, wishes to let women step out of their comfort zone. They organize some all-women trips to tourist-friendly locations of the country as well as abroad. You can choose for a weekend getaway to Kasol or a week-long trip to Europe!  

Next time you find yourself alone, with an itchy feet, feel no blues! Achieve your travel goals, as and when you set them! You can get more information about their next trip on Jugni's website.