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Surrey Taxi Driver Hits 26.1 Million Pounds Jackpot

76-year-old taxi driver George Sturt scooped a mighty £26.1million on the lottery on Monday, but he says, he would continue to drive his cab, reports The Mail, London.Sturt, a widower,  will share his EuroMillions jackpot
PTI January 19, 2010 11:26 IST

76-year-old taxi driver George Sturt scooped a mighty £26.1million on the lottery on Monday, but he says, he would continue to drive his cab, reports The Mail, London.

Sturt, a widower,  will share his EuroMillions jackpot with the three other members of his family syndicate – daughter Teresa and sons Colin and Gary.

Sturt walked into the offices of his local newspaper, the Dorking Advertiser, in Surrey, just before midday on Monday to tell them he was the winner of Friday's top prize – the fourth-biggest EuroMillions win by a British ticketholder.

‘I couldn't believe it when I found out,' he said. ‘I don't care about having a lot of money – I am just glad that my children will be looked after.'

Sturt, who has eight grandchildren and two great grandchildren, added that he had no plans to spend the money on himself and intended donating the majority of it to charity. ‘I just really want other people to benefit from this money.'

And he insisted he would be back behind the wheel, saying: ‘I wouldn't give it up. I have met too many nice people through it.'

Dorking Advertiser content editor Ursula Hudson said: ‘It was amazing how this unassuming gentleman walked into our office and just said, “I'm the £26million lottery winner”. We couldn't quite believe it. This is a really great news story for the town and really puts Dorking on the map.'

The winning EuroMillions ticket had the numbers 11, 26, 29, 49 and 50 and the lucky star numbers 4 and 7.

Sturt and his family, who are expected to celebrate their win with a little help from Camelot, shared their jackpot with a French player.

The Sturts' good fortune is the second recent bumper British success on the EuroMillions lottery. In November, Welsh couple Les and Sam Scadding banked £45.5million, as did a seven-strong syndicate from a BT call centre in Liverpool.

Angela Kelly, from Glasgow, won £35.4 million on EuroMillions in August 2007. There was no one at Mr Sturt's three-bedroom terrace home on the outskirts of Dorking on Monday night.

Neighbours said he was a ‘lovely bloke' and that he lived a humble life working as a taxi driver to make ends meet on his pensioner's income.

Neighbour Martin Long, 43, said: ‘It's bitter sweet for George because it comes just a few months after his wife Maureen passed away.  She had cancer and I believe she had a stroke as well and he used to nurse her every day. She was okay to be left on her own for a while but he didn't go out much except to drive his taxi, which he did to pay the bills.  George was originally a builder and I think he wanted something a bit more sedate he could do to keep ticking over otherwise he would get bored in retirement.'

A friend of the family added that  Sturt had himself survived stomach cancer.

‘George has a very strong Roman Catholic faith and his church has been helping him through the last few months.'