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Bigg Boss 8 Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan declares Ali more entertaining than Gautam, Upen also saved

New Delhi: Bigg Boss 8 Weekend Ka Vaar kick started with host Salman Khan revealing a few inside footage from the episode.Ali, who has garnered enough criticism for his weird behaviour in the show this
India TV Entertainment Desk December 01, 2014 11:27 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Bigg Boss 8 Weekend Ka Vaar kick started with host Salman Khan revealing a few inside footage from the episode.

Ali, who has garnered enough criticism for his weird behaviour in the show this week, was seen frightened with the attitude of the rest of the inmates towards him.

Both Ali and Upen were shown indulged in a discussion regarding Ali feeling scared for the possible physical attack on him by the housemates. Upen however, was trying to play the game with Ali by triggering him to feel conscious due to the behaviour of the entire house towards him.

Then, doing something tremendously unappealing, Ali once again tried to escape from the Bigg Boss 8 house, only to come back. Bigg Boss called Ali in the confession room and assured him of his security in the house.

Salman started his conversation with the housemates by commenting on Karishma's makeup and then turned to Diandra for her completely shaved-off look. The popular host then praised Upen for giving 100% in the luxury budget tasks.

What followed in the episode was a phone call for Upen that eventually happened to be his mother's call. Upen was seen getting a bit emotional as he listened to the voice of his brothers and other family members.

With the maximum votes from the housemates, Ali was made to sit on the ‘danger aasan.' Salman then started digging the issue happened last week. He then informed Ali that director Kabir Khan has signed him for his next venture.

On asking what happened wrong this week, Ali mentioned that it was a ‘boys' talk' that was made public and hence shown in a derogatory way before the girls. Sonali told Salman that it was Dimpy who told her about Ali's comment.

Salman explained that whatever the ‘derogatory comment' was, it was meant for the discussion among a group of boys and hence should not have come out. And then the lovely actor even cross questioned Praneet that why didn't he react earlier when the entire issue actually happened and why all the fuss is happening now after weeks.

Salman then asked the entire house that who is that one who never talks about anyone behind his/her back. Further, trying to make the housemates understand, Salman told the inmates that ‘what happens in the Bigg Boss house, stays in the Bigg Boss house.'

Praneet defended his act by saying that Ali was getting repetitive with his ‘disrespectful' behaviour towards the women in the house.

Salman stated a question as the only glitch in his behvaiour and told him that he does not need to act coward in front of any one, and deemed him safe from the eviction this week.

Ali made Sonali replace him on the ‘danger aasan'. The host questioned Sonali about her slapping Ali a day before. Sonali mentioned that whatever happened, it was a spur of a moment. Ali again had to take it from both Salman and the rest of the housemates for his weird behaviour and abusive language.

Salman made Ali understand that it is very important for the one on TV to look after his/her language, especially against women. Both Ali and Sonali were asked to make an apology to each other by Salman who also mentioned ‘Tu toh Aijaz ka bhi baap hai yaar' to Ali.

Later, the focus shifted to Renne and Karishma. Karishma mentioned that he decided to take her make up when he caught up in an emotional mood after not being able to meet her mother.

Puneet explained that despite requesting Renne to do the task for making Karishma able to meet her mother, she denied doing that. And then Karishma's attitude of ‘bhaad me jaye luxury budget' was undoubtedly not justified.

Renne again got emotional as she mentioned that the behaviour of the housemates was not justified towards her and she never wanted to do the task.

Snapdeal customer of the week gifted a screw diver to Praneet so that he could understand how Puneet and everyone are misusing his ‘laid back' attitude. The caller alleged that Praneet is being ‘danveer Karan' in the show and in lieu getting nothing but nominations and punishments.

Salman later saved Upen and announced the decision over this week's eviction between Sonali, Renne and Praneet to be shown in today's episode.