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Bigg Boss 8, Day 44: Puneet is thrown out for his violent act

New Delhi: The day began with Upen justifying his decision of nominating the P3G gang and Sonali. He said that as a captain it was his duty to pick up the names.Later Karishma is seen
India TV Entertainment Desk November 05, 2014 10:13 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: The day began with Upen justifying his decision of nominating the P3G gang and Sonali. He said that as a captain it was his duty to pick up the names.

Later Karishma is seen visiting the BB room to shed crocodile tears for choosing her makeup over Sushant's slavery.

In the afternoon, contestants are given luxury budget for the week named as 'Oonchi Hai Building' BB divides housemates in two gangs.

Team A - Diandra, Diandra, Karishma, Ali, Arya and Praneet

Team B - Gautam , Pritam, Puneet Sushant and Sonali

One team had to build blocks inside house and other to stop the chakki, so that once it chakki stops, the construction work should also be immediately stopped.

As the task begins, Arya quickly stands near the chakki to stop it from moving. Whereas other members of the team making the building

When Arya doesn't move, Puneet catches hold of Arya to remove him from the machine using a martial arts technique. As a result, Arya gets hurt and breaks down.


Arya goes inside the house seeking out Bigg Boss to hear his complaint against Puneet.

BB calls Arya inside the confession room and asks to narrate his side of story.   Arya narrates how he was hurt by Puneet during the task. BB asks Arya to finish the task first.

In the garden area, Diandra and other members break the building blocks. Pritam stops Diandra from breaking the blocks and hampering the construction work.

Praneet too attempts stopping the wheel and Puneet also removes him using some force.

Gautam asks Puneet to help Sushant and other make the building and offers that he will move the wheel. Puneet accepts the offer and Gautam takes his place. While the construction work is under progress, Puneet loses his balance and hurts Sushant's eye.

Just then, BB announces to stop the work.

After the task is over, Diandra is seen cribbing about Pritam shoving her and pulling her hand to prevent her from ruining the construction work.

Meanwhile, Puneet is seen speaking to Arya and justifying his action. Puneet also tells Arya that even, Ali forcefully dragged Gautam to make him lose in the captaincy task against Upen.

Bigg Boss calls Arya and Puneet inside the confession room and asks them to share whatever they wish to. Arya narrates his part and leaves the decision on BB.

Arya discusses with Ali that though housemates are provoking him but he doesn't want to create any fuss and also doesn't want Puneet to leave the house but yes he does want a hard punishment for him

After the dinner, BB announces the final verdict on Arya-Puneet's issue. While condemning the use of violence and disqualifies Puneet from the shows and asks him to leave.

Puneet packs his bags and Gautam gets teary-eyed seeing him. Puneet leaves the house after sharing a hug with every housemate.