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Katrina: I Want To Get Married To Salman

I think I may have just dreamt that I will be getting married to Salman in two years and hence said that.In a tête-à-tête with Lipika Varma, Katrina talks about everything under the sun, from
PTI May 08, 2010 16:26 IST

I think I may have just dreamt that I will be getting married to Salman in two years and hence said that.

In a tête-à-tête with Lipika Varma, Katrina talks about everything under the sun, from her role in ‘Raajneeti' to her marriage plans to love-hate relationship with peers

Katrina Kaif is all set to break the mould and try her hand at a serious role with ‘Raajneeti', director Prakash Jha's latest political offering. Her de-glam look, draped in a sari in the promos of the film has already become the talk of the town. The actress would surely be hoping to leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of the audience as well as critics with this role. We catch the actress in a chat on ‘Raajneeti' and a lot more.

On her role in ‘Raajneeti'

I went to Prakash Jha's office thinking that I might say no to the role. But when he narrated my character and the script, he was definitely able to convince me. Though I mostly enjoy doing fun, romance filled commercial films, after hearing the script I decided not to be prejudiced about it and give it a try. It is nothing like breaking a mould but I am an actor and performing varied roles makes me feel excited.
On her role being compared to Sonia Gandhi

Actually comparing me with Sonia Gandhi on reel is not justified. Having fair complexion, black hair and being a daughter of an English mother does not mean that this character is inspired by Sonia Gandhi. I have just tried to follow Priyanka Gandhi. I visualised her body language as she is modern, contemporary and represents today's youth.
On matters of the heart

The audience always loves to see happy endings in movies. But in real life we also get hurt. We should not keep holding on to someone who does not like us. For instance, we are good friends and keep moving in and out together. But for one, it may be purely love while for the other it may not be so. Yes, I did find rejections disgusting. People may feel I have not been rejected by any guy. But the fact is that I was rejected by a boy at an early age. I proposed him to go for a dance with me, but he went away with another girl instead. Today I am a star and a grown up, but at that point of time I was disheartened. If you work with someone you may fall for each other. Seeing each other at regular intervals does ignite a romantic inclination, that's what true love is. But one need not beg, plead or lose her/his self respect by just running after someone who does not love you.

On media in today's times

Nowadays whenever we open a newspaper, we find our names linked to our co-stars. It's not only ridiculous but also sounds so boring. Having an affair is possible once or twice at the most. The media just keeps their prying eyes on the stars. If they see them together more than two-three times, they turn speculative about their romantic inclinations. Why just film stars? This can happen in any field.

On being one of the top stars of today
I am very proud and happy at being successful. I started working at an early age. I owe my success to many people. Salman (Khan) has been my friend for a long time. He always told me ‘You will surely reach the top of Bollywood horizon'. Many of us who do not hail from a ‘filmi' background are bestowed upon a chance by our friends. Not only Salman, but even Akshay (Kumar) took a great risk while he was riding high on success and still cast me in his film. Given a chance I would love to perform the character from the film ‘Sita aur Gita'.
On following a particular religion
My mother is a Christian and my father is a Kashmiri. I have been very close to Salim uncle's (Salman's dad) family. They celebrate all the festivals, I do the same. I am not a religious fanatic but yes, I believe in an omnipresent power.

On the charity work by her mother
My mom runs this mercy home from Madurai and is planning to shift to a close by property. I am planning to help them raise funds by organising some event. I would love to see the kids grow into better human beings and lead a good life.

Love-hate relationship with peers

Truly speaking, we share a very tight space while working together but we do exchange conversations. I do not have very close friendship with anyone as such. I know Preity Zinta, I have met Priyanka (Chopra) once at Yash Raj Films and we did discuss a few things. I have shared quite some good moments with Kareena Kapoor. I do not believe in making foes. So it's very simple, I do not have any differences with any of my peers.

On marriage

Yes, I am very friendly to the Khan family. I think I may have just dreamt that I will be getting married to Salman in two years and hence said that. But well, on a serious note, marriage will happen, but when, that is yet not decided.