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Hrithik Roshan Gets Picky With Hollywood

The actor is looking for the perfect international movie; speaks on dealing with people trying to sabotage his forthcoming film and how his relationship with wife SUSSANNE remains strong.Many people in Bollywood feel if there's
PTI May 11, 2010 16:52 IST

The actor is looking for the perfect international movie; speaks on dealing with people trying to sabotage his forthcoming film and how his relationship with wife SUSSANNE remains strong.

Many people in Bollywood feel if there's one Indian actor who can make it big in Hollywood, it's Hrithik Roshan. Now, it has emerged that Hrithik is currently in the process of reading six international movie scripts.

Hrithik says, "I won't deny that I have got many offers and I'm indeed reading scripts of many movies. But I am yet undecided and looking for the perfect Hollywood film that will excite me to take the plunge. I think the reason why I'm considered the best bet for Hollywood is because I have light eyes and maybe I look like one of them (Hollywood actors). But I don't think that should be the benchmark for anyone to do a Hollywood movie. An actor should be known for his acting and he should give an honest performance, no matter which industry he belongs to."

The actor also candidly admits that many people have tried to sabotage his forthcoming movie. "A section of the industry threw everything they got to get a desired reaction from me, but I let all the rumours mount and become so huge that they blew up in their faces. People said my sister had left our home and that even my wife Sussanne had left the house. I have been linked to Barbara (Mori) and it was reported that my father and director Anurag Basu have had a fall-out. When they saw that nothing was shaking me, they leaked the ending of the movie," he says.

Hrithik, however, adds that his relationships with his wife, parents and even sister are safe because of the level of transparency and honesty within the family.

"If there is no belief, no honesty in a relationship, it can't stand. If rumour starts affecting the family that's worse. Thankfully, in my case everyone knew what is right. My parents and Sussanne are more spiritual than me. I guess this could be the reason why they could be so calm," he ends.

Injury- hit Hrithik is set to fly high with Kites

HRITHIK Roshan was almost on the brink of giving up acting before shooting for Kites . The Bollywood superhero had decided to take a break from movies after hurting his knee.

However, when he recovered and was ready to act, he got so drawn into his character that he ended up hurting himself all over again.

There were reports about the actor hurting his ankle and later his hand while shooting for Kites. Hrithik, though, believes in forgetting the past. “ I don't really remember any injury while shooting for Kites ,” he says.

Clearly, Hrithik is now not in a mood to take any sort of break as he is thoroughly enjoying his stint as a versatile actor, and has some interesting roles in films such as Kites and Guzarish . The actor says that he is content, despite a series of accidents which took place while acting in his recent films.

When he was reminded of a cut on his wrist, he admitted that there was indeed a serious accident.

“ That accident happened while I was trying to break through a window. We were shooting for an emotional scene and I was in the character. I thought I had done this a thousand times and got lethargic about it,” says Hrithik.

“ It was a good reminder that it's always while making small action scenes that we ( actors) hurt ourselves.

“ If it is a big action sequence, then we take a lot of precautions and so will everyone on the sets. But when it is a small thing we tend to take it lightly,” he concludes. Lessons learnt well as Hrithik is here to fly high with Kites .