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Bigg Boss 8 Day 60: Gautam nominates Puneet for captaincy; openly flirts with Diandra (see pics)

New Delhi: In episode of day 60, we saw Diandra and Gautam flirting with each other in the changing room with no one but only Karishma around to witness the scene.Diandra and Gautam were in
India TV Entertainment Desk November 22, 2014 10:54 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: In episode of day 60, we saw Diandra and Gautam flirting with each other in the changing room with no one but only Karishma around to witness the scene.

Diandra and Gautam were in their best of selves, they talked about how to proceed further after the rebonding.

Since Gautam had already taken a lot of seva from Di during his captaincy she shyly said it was being a one sided affair and now its Gautam's turn to give back.

Bigg Boss assigned a new power to Gautam. Every contestant approached Gautam one by one and put forth his candidature for captaincy.

Pritam was the first person to approach Gautam. He says besides getting immune from nominations for one week, the position of captaincy would make him more disciplined.

Gautam on his judgment day after interacting with all the housemates felt Puneet is suitable to become the next captain.

As Arya nominated Upen for the next captaincy, Upen would stand against Puneet in competing for the task which would decide the next captain of the house.

Then after, comes the turn for Gautam to nominate one person who behaved in an unwanted manner during his reign.

Gautam picks many violators including Diandra, Karishma, Sonali and Pritam. However, Pritam is cornered for breaking maximum number of rules under Gautam's captaincy.

As a punishment, BB orders Pritam to sift rice from wheat from a heavy sack of the grains.

Sonali got highly upset over Gautam when the latter told her in front of everyone that she doesn't work properly.

Apparently Gautam felt that Sonali could have been at Pritam's place for punishment but he chose Pritam as his mistake was graver.

Sonali giving justifications said she works a lot. Gautam tried putting across the point that she takes a lot of time in doing her personal stuff, which delays other household chores in return and that he just wanted her to realize this bit and not argue.

Everyone's heart goes out to Pritam for the difficult task he has been allotted but he takes it sportingly.

As hours pass by, Gautam starts taking pity on Pritam and seeks forgiveness for him from BB or division of work amongst P3G. After a few hours, BB allows Pritam to walk out of the punishment room freely.

Ali cried, when during a part of task Puneet and Upen as potential captains were asked to talk about good and bad of each contestant and also giving valid reasons why they feel they are good to become captain on individual levels, and as Puneet mentioned that Ali should be more sensible and mature when it comes to respecting women, Ali who got extremely emotional said he has an old mother who is mistreated by his other siblings and that   it's only him who takes care of her.

He said he is a sensible person just that he is misunderstood because he plays pranks most of the time and acts comical.

Puneet praising Upen said he looks up to Upen as a human being and that if he would have been as young as Upen, he would have tried being like him. Upen overwhelmed by this gesture bent and touched his feet.

Next, Upen tells Ali that he has a good sense of humour but he often crosses the line of decency which is not appreciable.

At dinner time, Upen and Puneet put their differences aside and share a hug. Puneet appreciates Upen for his qualities and warms up to him. Gautam too joins the duo and shares a hug with Upen.

Is this love and peace is just for a night?  In today's episode we will witness the breaking relations between Upen and Diandra over captaincy.