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Bigg Boss 8, Day 45: Diandra, Karishma again target Gautam and Sonali, Puneet back in game (view pics)

New Delhi: The contestants of Bigg Boss 8 wake up to yet another day recovering from the unfortunate eviction of Puneet.But the sadness was taken over by excitement as soon as Bigg Boss announced that
India TV Entertainment Desk November 06, 2014 13:38 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: The contestants of Bigg Boss 8 wake up to yet another day recovering from the unfortunate eviction of Puneet.

But the sadness was taken over by excitement as soon as Bigg Boss announced that the luxury budget task, 'Unchi Hai Building' will continue from where it was stopped.

Upen announced that Aarya will not participate since he got hurt after his fight with Puneet yesterday.

Gautam and Pritam made a strategy to place the bricks inside a box and whenever they get a chance to place it firmly upside down on the base given. Team A which includes Gautam, Sonali, Sushant and Pritam start the task once again.

Team B which includes, Diandra, Karishma, Aarya, Praneet, and Ali try to distract them as much as possible. Ali tries to stop Pritam from rotating the wheel. Aarya refuses to put any required effort and but just sits down on the wooden panel stating major pain in the neck.

Diandra constantly kept troubling Gautam in the task so he would get irritated and leave. Her next target was Sonali and the trio has constant verbal spats throughout the task.

Ali too got quite violent in the task while trying to stop the 'chakka' and eventually Pritam hurt his hand in the process and his team thought of giving up the task.

Pritam's resumed the task with full efforts but it all went waste when Gautam placed the box full of bricks outside the base. And their time got over.

Team A, that is Karishma's team, came into play and Pritam's team did everything they could do to destroy their base of the building. In all this chaos, the girls Kairshma and Diandra kept repeating to not touch them and everyone and kept pushing Gautam and Pritam. Sonali too had a friction with the girls and the task ended there.

Arya, who was not present in the 1st half of the task, joins his team and aggressively tries moving the wheel. On the other hand, Sushant and Sonali do their bit to stop the wheel.

Gautam and Pritam stand up next against Arya and Ali to stop the wheel but Gautam gets hurt in the process. He leaves the place and goes inside the house.
Sushant too joins the men inside the house and complains how all of a sudden Arya has become so active in the 2nd half of the task when he was not well in the 1st half.

Pritam agrees with Sushant and says how surprising it is that in the second half of the task Arya is not just back with energy but is using force as well.

In the evening, BB makes an announcement to assemble all the housemates in the living area. Everyone sits down in the living room leaving Praneet who goes to take a shower after swimming in the pool as soon as the announcement is made.

Upen goes to give a call to Praneet. Praneet comes out of the shower after some time which leaves Upen fuming.  

Praneet defends himself by saying he did not take much time and it does not matter much if he took the shower first.

This angers Upen even more and he warns Praneet to no to shout at him just the way he shouts at Gautam and others. This leads to a more heated argument.

Before end of day, Bigg Boss played Puneet's heartfelt apology message for the housemates making everyone, especially Aarya, very emotional.

Later, Sonali engages in a chat with a sad and serious Gautam. Gautam shares how personal Diandra and Karishma get during the tasks. He recalls how Diandra booed him and spoke offensive language.

He further says that there are both a bad and a good boy in him. But the bad boy comes forth only when someone messes with him.

On the other hand, in the bedroom, Diandra speaks to Karishma and Upen about Gautam and Sonali. The girls discuss how Sonali cries when someone harms her but no one else has not right to bother her. Karishma remarks Sonali is a heroine but they are extras.

At night, Praneet and Pritam indulge in a conversation. Pritam shares how Diandra has decided to not to participate in any task because people get physical with her which she dislikes. Pritam comments how Diandra allows anyone to lie down in her lap or dance cozily with her but hypocritically won't allow anyone to even touch her even if for the sake of task!

Praneet agrees with Pritam's remark by nodding his head in affirmation. Pritam strategies to vote for Praneet as the next captain but advises him to be vigilant about his punctuality so that no one points finger at him.

In preview we saw Puneet back in the house! But he is in a cage. Today's episode will witness selection of new captain, Punz back in BB house and many other twists.