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Bigg Boss 8, Day 16: Karishma calls Gautam a loser, contestants get aggressive during task (view pics)

New Delhi: After the early nominations this week, the 16th day of Bigg Boss 8 started off with the luxury budget task.This task was also a hope for the inmates to earn some quality ration
India TV Entertainment Desk October 09, 2014 10:33 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: After the early nominations this week, the 16th day of Bigg Boss 8 started off with the luxury budget task.

This task was also a hope for the inmates to earn some quality ration and additional luxury items. The task, Babbar vs Lamba, got the house mates divided into two teams.

Bigg Boss did ensure that all the friends were scattered out in different teams to prevent ganging up at the same time improving communication among other inmates. The teams were…

Minissha's team: Upen, Gautam, Deepshika, Praneet, Pritam, Sushant

Arya's team: Sonali, Karishma, Soni, Puneet, Diandra, Natasa

While Minissha's team was named Lamba family, Arya's team was named Babbar family. In the task, Upen and Sonali from both the teams had to act like lovers.

Lamba's had to perform the task of uniting them and Babbar's were supposed to keep them apart.

BB gave 5 sub-tasks to Upen and Sonali which were to be done with the support of the Lamba family.

#Dating #Getting locked in the bathroom #Dancing inside the pool to the song ‘Ishq wala love' # Stealing the bangles from the Babbars and make Sonali wear them #Sonali should make Upen drink milk seasoned with turmeric.

So, if Sonali and Upen get successful in completing the tasks, the Lambas would win the task else they will lose it to the Babbars.

Though the task started off with lots of masti, but eventually ended up with violence and arguments that led to damage.

Besides, the inmates caused some damage to the Bigg Boss property as well. The team members were so involved in their roles that they didn't mind breaking some rules to win the game.

Karishma as usual was quite loud and was trying to pick every possible reason to make a scene. The lady is aware how to get maximum camera coverage throughout the week.

Her stubborn and relentless behavior surely will land her in a big trouble.

While Bigg Boss did not give any instructions regarding the rules to be followed in treating each other while completing the tasks, some housemates went out of control and even destroyed some of the in-house properties.

While Aarya broke the bathroom door, Puneet Issar in his aggression kicked the garden area table wasting the food laid by the Lamba family for Upen and Sonali's date.

Karishma and Soni crossed all limits while stopping Minissha from accomplishing the task and in the process managed to push Deepshika hard against the restroom mirror which eventually broke into pieces while injuring Deepshika on her head.

‘Kangan' task, a major chaos ensued when Karishma, Soni, Natasa stopped Deepshika and Minissha from making Sonali wear the bangles.

In the bid to win the task, Karishma used force which lead Deepshika hurt her head by the mirror on the wall of the changing room.

The mirror was shattered and as a result  Deepshika got terribly hurt. However, she got saved from any serious injury by the breadth of a hair.

Karishma cried foul and said that she was fair and won the task by not allowing the opposition team get Sonali wear both the bangles.

Minissha argued with Karishma to set things straight and even Sonali told her that the task was won as she had worn one of the bangles.

At night, Sonali and Upen finished the dating and the turmeric milk task as well.

While everyone was busy fighting and proving their point, Natasha was visibly affected the most by the hostility of the housemates and requested Bigg Boss to allow her to go home.

The day ended with Natasha being pacified by Bigg Boss after a short conversation and Lamba family accomplishing all the tasks given to them.

Late at night, some housemates discussed about Karishma's aggressive behaviour during the task, which ended up hurting Deepshika.

Minissha commented that Karishma never plays fairly and resorts to aggressive behaviour to win the tasks.

In the coming episode you will see Karishma in her usual loud and self argumentative form. Sonali will get drench as Karishma will pour water on her.