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Bigg Boss 8 Day 10: Gautam-Praneet turn slaves, Deepshika tries to dominate housemates (view pics)

New Delhi: Day 10 on Bigg Boss started with Deepshika's team preparing to enter the house after winning the daunting 'Hijack' task that lasted for two days.As the day begins to fade, the feeling of
India TV Entertainment Desk October 03, 2014 11:12 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Day 10 on Bigg Boss started with Deepshika's team preparing to enter the house after winning the daunting 'Hijack' task that lasted for two days.

As the day begins to fade, the feeling of resentment between Pritam's team and Deepshika's team grew stronger.

As Bigg Boss instructed Deepshika's team to enter the house, the blinds between the house and the garden were lifted.

Karishma Tanna, Diandra Soares and Sushant Divgikar rushed into the 'grand' house and excitedly explored every nook and corner.

From the living area to the kitchen, the housemates savoured every moment of their reward.

Soni and Sukirti were seen resenting the unappreciative attitude of Karishma. They had stood up for her against Gautam but she didn't seem to thank them even once.

They will continue to do so even today. In spite of all the differences, all passengers will have their last supper in the garden area together before some of them moved inside the main house.

Entering the house may have been the best thing to happen to the contestants since they started this journey but the house holds a lot more than just happiness and comfort for the passengers.

Bigg Boss creates a rouse to test the unity in the team by making Aarya the first housemate to be called into the confession room.

Late in the night, Bigg Boss announced that Pritam's team would get the opportunity to enter the house, but they would remain slaves to Deepshika's team until they win the next task.

Sometime later, BB announces that Pritam's team can go inside the house but only after choosing two contestants who have not performed satisfactorily.

Pritam, Puneet, Sukirti, Praneet, Gautam, Natasa and Soni sat down together to have a long discussion on the topic.

Puneet tries being nice by nominating himself and Gautam, but after much argument, Praneet chooses to be the sacrificial lamb.

Finally, Pritam's team nominates Praneet and Gautam as the least impressive performers of the Hijack task.

BB debars Praneet and Gautam to use any facility inside the house and live like servants till the end of BB Season 8.

Karishma tries pacifying Deepshika and asks her to resolve the issue with Soni to avoid any fight during the next task.Deepshika refuses to speak to Soni about the issue but Karishma drags Soni into the matter and asks her to clarify the issue.

Soni gets defensive about her actions and tries giving many arguments to prove that she ddi not behave as badly as Deepshika had assumed.

On the other hand, Deepshika too did not budge from her stand and the argument continued for a long time.

At last, as Karishma and Minissha's behest, the two warring women shared a cold hug and went back to their own business.

As the days are passing in Bigg Boss house the interesting twist and turns are hitting the glass house.

Now it will interest to watch how the winning team of Deepshika will treat their newly designated slaves.