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Bigg Boss 8 Day 59: Gautam's dictatorship ends, Upen finds Diandra insecure (view pics)

New Delhi: When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty Day 59 in the Bigg Boss house revolved around this idea as dictator Gautam's praja prepares to deal with the grief that had been meted out
India TV Entertainment Desk November 20, 2014 12:54 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty Day 59 in the Bigg Boss house revolved around this idea as dictator Gautam's praja prepares to deal with the grief that had been meted out against them.

The episode started with the late night happenings of Day 58 and it revealed many things. Late night Gautam caught Praneet smoking and punished him for it. He made Praneet stand in the pool for 45 minutes.

Once again Praneet was caught smoking and Gautam this time made him run one round of the garden. But Praneet didn't agree to it immediately and had an argument with Gautam.

After ruling Gautam City for a day, dictator Gautam was in completely taken over by the ‘no-nonsense' mood. 

Be it waking up the housemates at 4 in the morning to punish them or asking someone to make Elaichi Milk for him in the middle of the night, dictator Gautam does it all to make life difficult for his praja.

When the contestants finally woke up in the morning, they were no longer in the mood to be ruled upon.

To relieve the contestants and the fire in their minds, Bigg Boss assigned the contestants a secret rebellion task to give them an opportunity to overthrow the rule of their dictator.

As a part of the tasks, the housemates had to lead a rebellion and complete four tasks which will bring them success.

These four mini tasks are planting a microphone in Gautam's royal chambers, lighting two flare bombs in the chamber, defacing all of Gautam's posters which have been put up around the house, and breaking Gautam's statue which has been put up in the garden area.

The biggest challenge for the contestants, though, is to complete this task without Gautam's knowledge!

Gautam made his own national anthem and made everyone sing along. The lyrics go as "We love, we love Gauti!". The song was not only enjoyed by contestants but audience too.

Gautam ordered Ali to make Praneet broom the garden but Praneet refused to take orders from Ali. Gautam went a step ahead and cleaned it himself to show Praneet that its an easy task to do, if he has the will to do it.

In all the chaos Ali and Praneet have an argument and Praneet called him Gautam's dog.

Both exchanged some more unfavorable comments over each other and finally Puneet steps in to sternly warn Praneet.

On Gautam's request Diandra gave a special massage to him, leaving all the girls jealous in the house! Pritam advises Diandra to once again become friends with Gautam and this time try to make it forever. He suggests forgetting all of his mistakes of the past and renew the bond.

Once Praneet informed the contestants about this secret task, the contestants united while leaving behind their differences to create a movement which took Gautam and his royal guards by storm.

Drama reached an all-time high as fake tears were shed but the contestants charged on with a previously unseen determination to do all it takes to successfully complete this luxury budget task.

The housemates spoiled Gautam's entire poster, hid a black box in his special room, threw his statue in the pool and light a bomb in his room to get rid of dictatorship.

Praneet soon got everybody involved, including Ali, and Pritam and Sonali started off by spoiling all pictures. Later when Puneet confronted them on who spoilt it they tried to create confusion and blame each other.

Ali successfully managed to plant the black box in Gautam's special room enabling Praneet to hear what Gautam and his guards are discussing.

Pritam and Praneet completed the last part of the task and lit bombs inside Gautam's room and declared Inquilab Zindabad!

The task got over in good humour and everyone appreciated Gautam's dictatorship. Gautam stated his issues about Praneet commenting over his family problems and confronted him about it.

Upen shared his problems with Karishma and stated that he thinks Diandra is a very insecure woman. Her attempts to once again become friends with Gautam seem hypocritical and her badmouthing Sonali and her work made Upen cringe.

Diandra too discussed with Nigaar of how she's been in this industry for 20 years and is no way insecure about anything.

In today's episode we will see dictator Gautam will give his judgment and we are sure his judgment will surely create lot of troubles in house.