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Bigg Boss 8, Day 43: Karishma chooses make-up over Sushant, Gautam uncovers her real selfish game (view pics)

New Delhi: Day 43 would definitely be remembered in the history of Bigg Boss! Right in the beginning of the episode, Bigg Boss asked captain Upen to nominate 5 names for this week's nomination.Upen took
India TV Entertainment Desk November 04, 2014 13:25 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Day 43 would definitely be remembered in the history of Bigg Boss! Right in the beginning of the episode, Bigg Boss asked captain Upen to nominate 5 names for this week's nomination.

Upen took the names of Sonali, Gautam, Pritam, Praneet and Puneet.

Bigg Boss then asked all housemates to come in individually and only nominate 2 out of the 5 names given by Upen.

P3G gang was the most in shock over this news but with a heavy heart they all nominated each other.

Puneet and Upen discuss regarding Upen nominating the P3G group and not Karishma or Arya who were at actual fault.

The P3G gang now plots to make Gautam the next captain.

However, as soon as the drama of the nominations got over, it made way for yet another task launched by Bigg Boss. Karishma and Gautam are summoned to perform the same in the confession room, while other housemates will get a chance to watch the live feed of the task.

Gautam and Karishma were to choose amongst ten options given by Bigg Boss. As both of them are blindfolded they will hold yes or no placards to give their agreement or disagreement for a particular option.

The first three questions, on which Gautam and Karishma will mutually agree to, will be rewarded to the housemates.

Final nominations are - Gautam, Sonali, Praneet, Puneet, Ali and Sushant.

Puneet questioned Upen over his choices in nominations and the captain tried reasoning that he wasn't trying to be biased.

Bigg Boss called Gautam and Karishma to the confession room and played a task. Both had to be blindfold and with the help of Yes and No placards answer 10 questions and in whichever they answer unianimously that will be taken into consideration.

After a series of questions like whether  the housemates should get pizza and icecreams to eat, Bigg Boss asked if Sushant should be freed from his sevak duties.

And in surprising turn of events, Karishma, who is Sushant's friend, answered no and Gautam said yes. And these two are unaware about the fact that the other housemates are watching them on TV.

At one point, Bigg Boss asked the two of them if they want Karishma's make-up back followed by Diandra's make-up. Gautam says no for both of them and Karishma says otherwise, which was probably expected by the housemates who were watching the game intently.

But things took a horrid turn when Bigg Boss asked whether they would want to relieve Sushant from his sevak role which was a result of the big bomb dropped by Minissha post eviction.

Gautam says ‘yes' while Karishma who is Sushant's very good friend choses ‘No'. Shocked housemates were then dumbstruck by what they just saw.

Not realizing her insensitive choice of saying no to release Sushant from the house duties, Karishma starts arguing with Gautam about getting her make-up.

Karishma shouts on Gautam as he didn't agree to return her makeup. She calls him ugly and actually Karishma comes out as the villain because Gautam agreed on freeing Sushant whereas Karishma didn't.

In all the questions Gautam chose to do something good for the house and instantly became the Hero of the house!

In comparison Karishma was proven to be the Villain and Sushant and Upen were mighty upset with her.

Diandra tried explaining to Karishma that she came off looking like a vamp in this task but Karishma remained adamant that for her, her make up is really important.

Upen and Sushant too had an argument with her but she didn't budge from her point.

At the end of the day, Gautam won everyone's hearts and revealed Karishma's game in front of all. But will this help him make new friends in the house!