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Check out 11 most interesting tweets by Rishi Kapoor

New Delhi: Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor has always known the trick to grab eyeballs. The Bollywood heartthrob of the 70s has a charm and personality that distinguish him from others, both on and off the
India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi September 04, 2016 12:09 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor has always known the trick to grab eyeballs. The Bollywood heartthrob of the 70s has a charm and personality that distinguish him from others, both on and off the screen.

After serving the film industry from the 70s to the mid 90s, the actor made a comeback with the Salman Khan starrer ‘Ye Hai Jalwa' in 2002.

Since then, Rishi Kapoor has been seen in several films like ‘Fanaa', Namastey London, Love Aaj Kal and many more. However, apart from films there is one more thing that has kept the veteran actor in the limelight - his presence in the social media.

Rishi Kapoor has made a much grander comeback to the public eye on social networking sites than in Bollywood. The actor, who is quite active on Twitter, creates a stir every time he makes a tweet.

Be it sparking a controversy or tickling your funny bones, Rishi Kapoor has done it all.

Here we bring you some of his interesting tweets that either created a buzz or left you with a wicked smile:

Rishi Kapoor targeted the Gandhi family for naming national assets after them

In a recent series of tweets, veteran actor lashed out at the Gandhi family alleging they seem to have taken public institutions as their father’s property.

He further tweeted, saying, “If roads in Delhi can be changed why not Congress assets/property ke naam? Was in Chandigarh wahan bhi Rajeev Gandhi assets? Socho? Why?”

This was followed by a tweet urging that public property should be named after people who contributed to the society. He tweeted, “We must name important assets of the country who have contributed to society. Har cheez Gandhi ke naam? I don't agree. Sochna log!

The actor who is known for not mincing his words suggested that venues should be named after cultural ambassadors like Lata, Rafi, Kishore, Mukesh, Amitabh Bachchan etc.

When a fan made an abusive tweet about Rishi Kapoor's father and son

Rishi Kapoor landed into a Twitter war after one of his follower made a derogatory tweet about his family over his bio details which states – “Son of a famous father- Father of a famous son.”

A fan made a tweet on the actor's Twitter handle saying

The tweet didn't go well with Rishi, who replied with another tweet saying, “Bahut naam bada kar raha hai apne maa baap ka, ke sahi taleem Di hai Isse. (‘You are making your parents proud and showing what upbringing you have') Shame!”

He further added, “One must expose and embarrass these sorts. Their head should hang in shame. Their parents must know of them. People should reprimand them.”

 Rishi Kapoor's tweet on beef ban in Maharashtra

“If it is the problem of slaughtering our "Gau mata"then the government should allow importing beef which was banned until now.All happy then”

Rishi Kapoor made a series of tweets expressing his opinion on beef ban in Maharashtra. Little did he know that his tweets would spark a controversy against him on social media.

While many people criticised him for his tweets, the actor stood by what he said and confronted the accusers and even trolls.

Some of his tweets on the beef ban were:

“I am angry. Why do you equate food with religion?? I am a beef eating Hindu. Does that mean I am less God fearing then a non eater? Think!!”

“Aapko naheen khaana beef/pork mat khao. Ultimately your Karma counts not fuckn dictates by bigots. Karo Apna kiddos. Karm achche hon bas!”

“Knew this would go wrong!When did I say I have "Gau Maas" and I kill cows? Yes I eat beef where cattle are bred for food legally Not in India”

Rishi Kapoor's interesting birthday tweet for Huma Qureshi

Rishi Kapoor hit the headlines once again when he wished Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi on Twitter.

The veteran actor made a tweet saying, “Happy Happy Birthday dear @humasqureshi. God Bless” along with a funny pic that read, “The more you weigh, the harder you are to kidnap.. Stay safe.. Eat cake!”

While Rishi's funny tweet got him a lot of criticism, Huma Qureshi herself came to his rescue as the actress tweeted, “Thank you to one of my fave costars the ever amazing @chintskap for bday wishes and love.. Guys , it was a joke ... take a chill pill yaar”.

When Ranbir Kapoor fans took him to be a postman and bombarded him with tweets about his son

The actor doesn't even spare his wife Neetu Kapoor from being trolled.

“Had a fight with Neetu last night. She doesn't understand that I am very scientific specially in the night after 8.”

That's one of the early tweets of Rishi Kapoor. See how the actor expresses his happiness after getting his Twitter account verified.

“YES! I have my blue tikka. Now I am legally allowed to mess around. Way to go!! Ab sab jaan lo ke main hi hoon jo fast food dhaba kholega .”

Oooppsss!!!! Rishi Kapoor asks a forever unanswered question:

“Why do male/female actors wear dark sun glasses in the NIGHT specially at parties and airports where media hang around? Someone tell me this”

When Rishi Kapoor made a dig at Radhe Maa.

“Make up,lipstick,eye shadow,jewellery et al. for discourses? Is that my friend Bappi Lahiri without his glasses?”

When Rishi Kapoor trolled Mona Lisa

Khaati peeti Mona Darling!

Rishi Kapoor surely has a plan to go on with his food addiction

“My future. After all the bashing I have got and threats to boycott my films ab bas Ye hi reh gaya hai!”