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Playing Pokemon with brother and getting trolled by daughter: Twinkle Khanna’s week was quite busy!

Twinkle Khanna gets trolled by her own daughter Nitara in the cutest way possible.
India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi August 05, 2016 11:05 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

Former Bollywood actress Twinkle Khanna is one of the few celebrities having a perfect blend of intelligence and sense of humour in her personality. It’s been a long time when she quit acting, but still managed to be prominent among celebs following her columns and presence on social media.

Her twitter account goes by the name @mrsfunnybones and believe us it is one of the most interesting places to be on Internet. Her posts are either funny or sarcastic or sometimes both.

But the recent turn of event is the cutest of them all. It’s about how Twinkle Khanna got trolled by her own daughter Nitara.

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Here’s what she posted: “Getting trolled by the baby about my name-'Twinkle Twinkle If you are a little star why don't you live in the sky' Good grief!”

Aww! It’s so cute!

Besides, what else is keeping Twinkle Khanna on toes nowadays is the newly rolled out game ‘Pokemon Go’. The game bug has bitten her so bad that she walked so far while catching the Pokemons, that she had to take a rickshaw to come back home.  
“Playing Pokemon with my brother-we walked so far that we had to hail a rickshaw back-spotted players everywhere!,” she posted while sharing her experience on Twitter.

Hahaha! It seems Twinkle Khanna was quite busy this week handling the troll from her daughter and playing Pokemon with brother.