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Finally! Kangana Ranaut speaks on Queen director Vikas Bahl sexual harassment row

India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi April 11, 2017 15:35 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

Recently, the news of filmmaker Vikas Bahl sexually harassing a female employee of Phantom Films stormed the internet.  Now, the Queen aka Kangana Ranaut has opened up and expressed her opinions on the ongoing issue.

The curly-haired beauty played it rather safe and didn’t comment directly. However, the Rangoon actress said women should be encouraged to speak up about such issues. 

There were reports that Vikas allegedly harassed a female worker of his production house Phantom Films, who then brought the issue to the company's notice. 

Kangana, who has worked with Vikas in the blockbuster "Queen", said it is a serious issue which requires discussion. 

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"It is a very serious issue. I can only say that whoever faces a situation like this, it's very courageous of a woman to come out and speak about it. I say this not regarding to this particular event, because I am not the party involved. 

"But generally speaking, women who face this should be encouraged to talk about it by their families, colleagues and they shouldn't be shamed," Kangana told reporters here. 

The 30-year-old actress said women should be encouraged to speak up so that an awareness is created. 

"More and more women should come out and talk about whatever they feel because that's how awareness will come about these issues. Of course, there will always be other side of the story. There are authorities who can decide what the right thing is. 

"But people should speak up about whatever they feel,whether they are right or wrong, they must speak up and discuss it," she said. 

She was speaking at the launch of Spring Summer collection of Melange by Lifestyle. 

(With PTI Inputs)