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Dutch PM welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Hindi, but the Twitter couldn’t handle it! Here’s why

Dutch PM tried his hands on 'Hindi' only to be trolled on Twitter.
India TV Buzz Desk New Delhi June 28, 2017 18:47 IST
India TV Buzz Desk

Twitter can be a dangerous mistake, as we always say. Even a single typo can turn you into the biggest troll ever on social media. Throwback to when President of United States, Donald Trump accidently tweeted ‘covfefe’ instead of ‘coverage’. In no time, the POTUS was trolled incessantly on Twitter and ‘covfefe’ became worldwide trend on the micro-blogging website. A similar OOPS moment happened to Dutch PM Mark Rutte who was way too excited about PM Modi’s visit to Netherlands. And to express his excitement, he decided to Tweeted in Hindi welcoming the Indian PM to the country. 
Hindi is not an easy language. Thus, Dutch PM’s tweet failed hilariously at Hindi and a fraction of second it went viral on social media, with hilarious jokes and memes in line. Actually, Modi was in Netherlands to meet Rutte to talk about bilateral ties. 2017 also marks 70 years of Indo-Dutch diplomatic relations. 

It was a two-way affair actually. Even PM Modi tweeted in Dutch several times. But his Dutch counterpart wasn’t having his best at Hindi and he forgot to put a space between words, making it look like a one long Sanskrit verse. 

The tweet translates to: Welcome to Netherlands. India and Netherlands’ bilateral ties goes back to 70 years and with that I am extremely excited about our meeting. 

The message was tweeted a day ago, garnered a lot of public attention, most of them trolling the hilarious Hindi attempt made by the PM. Here’s how people of India responded to the tweet. 

Some even went on commenting on the ‘Space’ issue...

While some people left no stone unturned when it came to trolling the Dutch PM, there were handful of some who appreciated the attempt made by him. Here’s how people backed him.

Finally, after such a response, Dutch PM realised his mistake and rectified it immediately with another tweet. This time, the Hindi was spot on! 

PM Modi’s international tours have been giving field days to Twitterati since past few days.