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Husband keeps wife’s dead body in his room for six days & the reason is heart-melting

True it is, there’s not one but many ways to grieve. And none of them is wrong!
India TV Buzz Desk New Delhi May 11, 2017 16:19 IST
India TV Buzz Desk

It was the day of April 21st when Russell Davison lost his wife to a 10-year battle with cancer. She breathed her last in her home, surrounded by her loved ones and pet dog, Elvis. 

But after her death, what her husband did is making headlines. Davison did something to change the way we mourn our beloved’s death. Speaking to BBC, he says, “"I did not want her in the mortuary or handed over to a funeral director, I wanted us to take care of her ourselves at our family home, have her in our bedroom so I could sleep in the same room." He added, "Death seems to be such a taboo subject in our society, no one seems to want to talk about it."

People were stunned as to why Davison did something outlandish with his wife’s corpose. Thus, he took to Facebook to write a beautiful yet tragic memorial about his wife’s life in a post. The post has now gone viral on internet. 

He explains in his post that his wife was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2006 and they went for a natural approach to treat the illness. His wife didn’t want to stay in a hospital so Davison brought her home to be taken care of. 

When she died peacefully at home, her family decided to keep her dead body with them until the funeral. Many historical people used to keep the dead bodies of their loved ones at home until the funeral. The grieving husband didn’t want to handle over his wife’s lifeless body to the mortuary or the funeral director. 

This way Davison paid a tribute to his brave-heart wife who battled cancer for 10 long years. He chose to share this story on a public platform to shun the taboos associated with something as natural as death. 

True it is, there’s not one but many ways to grieve. And none of them is wrong! 

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