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These ‘coat hooks’ are being used in the changing rooms to record videos!

Double check the restroom before using it.
India TV Buzz Desk New Delhi April 14, 2017 17:21 IST
India TV Buzz Desk

Going by the image, this can look like a regular coat hook which is used to hang the clothes on. But don’t go by its looks, because looks can be deceptive. And they’ve deceived many people in Florida. 

These simple looking coat hooks are far more sinister than they look. We don’t give a second look to something as trivial as the coat hook in the changing room, right? We’ve already learnt the art of detecting a two-way mirror in the changing room. But, the spies have found another way to record women while changing clothes. 

Last year, a police force in Florida warned about a tiny coat hook that has a small camera hidden inside. The cheap-mentality people are using these spy hooks to record the videos of women changing rooms. 

Unfortunately, if you Google ‘Spy Coat Hook’, you will easily find many e-commerce websites selling these evil pieces openly. Anyone can buy it and install them at a public restroom without letting anyone know about it. 

The person who’s handling the spy coat hooks can record and download the video filmed by the spy cam on their computer. 

The Florida Sheriffs have also warned people to check the changing rooms before changing clothes. 

If you find something suspecting, don’t touch it. Immediately report it to the nearest police station. Thus, double check the restroom before using it.