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  • museum of toilets in delhi ranked 3rd weirdest museum by

    Museum of Toilets in Delhi ranked 3rd weirdest museum by Time

    World | May 21, 2014 6:22 IST

    Washington: India's Sulabh International Museum of Toilets is third on the list of the world's ten weirdest museums compiled by the Time magazine.The Delhi-based museum, which traces the history of the lavatories for the past

  • top 10 weirdest hotels in the world

    Top 10 weirdest hotels in the world

    World | February 11, 2014 7:13 IST

    New Delhi: If you are an adventurous traveler and keen to explore new places, then staying in weird hotels would be no less than an adventure. Here is a list of ten bizarre hotels of

  • this year s weirdest wackiest tech gifts

    This year's weirdest, wackiest tech gifts

    December 25, 2013 7:02 IST

    New Delhi: It's tough to shop for techies. They already own everything with a plug or rechargeable battery.But fear not, a slew of unique technology gifts have hit the market to inspire your last-minute Christmas

  • 10 of the world s weirdest records

    10 of the world's weirdest records

    World | December 21, 2013 18:45 IST

    New Delhi: Since the advent of circuses and fairs, people have been fascinated by the outlandish. Freak shows have taken advantage of this curiosity and soon people were flocking to observe deformed people and other

  • the world s ten weirdest urinals

    The world's ten weirdest urinals

    World | January 02, 2014 6:46 IST

    New Delhi:  The design for men's urinals has been same since years. But  designers have been working hard in new  innovative urinals of different styles.Urinals are a part of daily life for men. But no

  • beauty treatments that might shock you

    Beauty treatments that might shock you!

    Lifestyle | December 10, 2013 6:38 IST

    New York: Women lay so much emphasis on their appearance that sometime they try bizarre treatments like snail shares a list of horrifying beauty treatments and products:- The tapeworm diet: It was first advertised

  • world s 8 weirdest theme parks

    World's 8 weirdest theme parks

    World | December 05, 2012 15:16 IST

    New Delhi : Theme parks are usually parks which are intricately themed on a certain subject or a group of subjects compared to normal amusement parks. children love theme parks.Here is a list of eight 

  • world s top 8 weird celebrations

    World's top 8 weird celebrations

    World | May 12, 2014 7:44 IST

    New Delhi: The world over, there are communities which organize celebrations which are truly weird. Here is a list of eight such weird celebrations:1. The Baby Jumping Festival: A yearly festival celebrated in Castrillo de

  • 7 weirdest wackiest restaurants around the world

    7 weirdest, wackiest restaurants around the world

    World | May 16, 2014 7:28 IST

    New Delhi: If an ice-cream or a meal served in toilet bowls isn't enough for you then don't worry, there are at least a dozen more weird and strangely themed restaurants around the world to