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  • WATCH Einstein, the parrot can imitate the sounds

    WATCH: Einstein, the parrot can imitate the sounds made by dogs, cats, owls and what not!

    Life | April 08, 2017 17:59 IST

    The animal kingdom has innumerous of surprises for us. They never fail to take us by surprise with their excellent mimicry skills and unusual social behaviour.

  • bill gates lauds pm modi for talking about toilets

    Bill Gates lauds PM Modi for talking about toilets

    India | October 07, 2014 13:25 IST

    New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done more than any other leader since India's independence to create awareness about the need for toilets, Microsoft founder Bill Gates said on Tuesday."It may seem surprising when

  • e trade s talking baby goes bye bye

    E-Trade's Talking Baby Goes Bye-Bye

    March 22, 2014 18:32 IST

    New York: The E-Trade baby will finally stop talking.In the investor site's new ad, the baby - who looks like a harmless, adorable tot but talks like a character out of "The Wolf of Wall

  • the irrigation scam that maharashtra is talking about

    The irrigation scam that Maharashtra is talking about

    Politics | September 26, 2012 7:56 IST

    Mumbai, Sept 25: “The irrigation scam is not just about the money [the scam has crossed Rs. 75000 crore and still counting]. It is about the shameless plunder of the state's resources to make meaningless

  • manvinder bisla the man kolkata is talking about

    Manvinder Bisla, the man Kolkata is talking about

    Cricket | May 29, 2012 23:20 IST

    New Delhi, May 29: Kolkatans are curious about KKR hero Manvinder Besla who   played a stellar role in the Sunday IPL final against Chennai Super Kings.  A cricketer from Haryana, Manvinder began playing the game

  • zardari gets in talking mode with military to defuse

    Zardari Gets In Talking Mode With Military To Defuse Tensions

    World | January 17, 2012 16:43 IST

    Islamabad, Jan 17: Even as temperatures have soared in Islamabad over the Gilani-Kayani face-off, the presidency and the Pakistani military are engaged in parleys aimed at defusing the tensions between the two sides over memo

  • does rahul know what he is talking about raja

    Does Rahul Know What He Is Talking About: Raja

    India | July 14, 2011 17:33 IST

    New Delhi, Jul 14: Senior CPI leader D Raja, who visited a blast site and hospitals in Mumbai last night, criticised Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi for his reported statement that 99 per cent of

  • lillee s talking absolute nonsense lamb

    Lillee's Talking Absolute Nonsense: Lamb

    Cricket | October 27, 2010 16:18 IST

    London: Rubbishing Dennis Lillee's claims that Australia have a better bowling attack and will win back the Ashes, former England captain Allan Lamb  termed ex-Aussie pacer's statement as 'absolute nonsense'. "I think Dennis Lillee has