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  • us training of syrian rebels a total failure

    US training of Syrian rebels a 'total failure'

    World | September 17, 2015 22:25 IST

    Washington: Republicans and Democrats lambasted the Obama administration's strategy to combat the Islamic State group after a top US general admitted that just a handful of US-trained Syrian rebels are still on the battlefield fighting

  • syrian rebel training programme to start in march

    Syrian rebel training programme to start in March

    World | December 11, 2014 9:03 IST

    Washington: The programme to train and equip moderate Syrian rebels against Islamic State(IS) militants will begin in March, a senior US official said Wednesday.The programme, which is a key part of US President Barack Obama's

  • 40 fighters killed in clashes near damascus

    40 fighters killed in clashes near Damascus

    World | November 07, 2014 23:42 IST

    Beirut: At least 40 fighters have been killed in clashes between forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Islamic militias in a town on the outskirts of Damascus, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

  • us says training syrian rebels will take months

    US says training Syrian rebels will take months

    World | September 20, 2014 10:15 IST

    Washington: The White House said Friday that it would take months to vet and train Syrian rebels to make them ready for battle against the Islamic State(IS) fighters.National Security Adviser Susan Rice told reporters that

  • syrian rebels seize strategic hospital in aleppo

    Syrian rebels seize strategic hospital in Aleppo

    World | December 21, 2013 16:41 IST

    Beirut: Activists say Syrian rebels have gained control of a strategic hospital in the city of Aleppo despite days of relentless barrel-bombings of opposition-held areas in the northern city.Two activist groups—the Aleppo Media Center and

  • more than 160 killed as syrian rebels try to siege

    More than 160 killed as Syrian rebels try to siege

    World | November 24, 2013 22:53 IST

    Beirut: Heavy clashes between Syrian troops and rebels trying to break a government siege in the suburbs of Damascus have killed at least 160 fighters over two days, activists said on Sunday.Forces loyal to Syrian

  • syrian rebels behead assad supporter

    Syrian rebels behead Assad supporter

    World | September 14, 2013 11:17 IST

    New Delhi: The French magazine Paris Match is running a shocking video of what are reported to be rebels beheading a man who is either a pro-Assad militiaman, or was merely accused of not supporting

  • us begins delivering arms to syrian rebels

    US begins delivering arms to Syrian rebels

    World | September 12, 2013 14:38 IST

    Washington: Ending months of delay, the US has started delivering weapons to rebels in Syria over the last two weeks.This move on the part of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) marks a major escalation in

  • syrians bracing for possible us strike

    Syrians bracing for possible US strike

    World | August 31, 2013 11:32 IST

    Washington:  Edging toward a punitive strike against Syria, President Barack Obama said Friday he is weighing “limited and narrow” action as the administration bluntly accused Bashar Assad's government of launching a chemical weapons attack that

  • syrian opposition won t participate in geneva talks

    Syrian opposition won't participate in Geneva talks

    World | May 30, 2013 18:19 IST

    Beirut, May 30: Syria's main Western-backed opposition group says it will not participate in U.S.-Russian sponsored peace talks while the regime is carrying out massacres in Syria.Thursday's announcement came at the end of weeklong opposition

  • syrian rebels free 48 iranians in prisoner swap

    Syrian rebels free 48 Iranians in prisoner swap

    World | January 09, 2013 23:28 IST

    Tehran, Iran, Jan 07:  Syrian rebels freed 48 Iranians held captive since August, Iranian state TV reported on Wednesday, part of what appeared to be the first major prisoner swap of the civil war.The deal

  • syrian rebels capture air base near damascus

    Syrian rebels capture air base near Damascus

    World | November 26, 2012 10:23 IST

    Beirut, Nov 26: Syrian rebels captured a helicopter base just outside Damascus on Sunday in what an activist called a "blow to the morale of the regime" near President Bashar Assad's seat of power, while

  • obama pledges non lethal aid for syrian rebels

    Obama Pledges 'Non-Lethal' Aid For Syrian Rebels

    World | March 25, 2012 20:34 IST

    South Korea, Mar 25: Seeking to stem the violence in Syria, the U.S. and other key allies are considering providing Syrian rebels with communications help, medical aid and other “non-lethal” assistance.President Barack Obama discussed the

  • syrian rebels kill 27 troops canadians told to go

    Syrian Rebels Kill 27 Troops, Canadians Told To Go

    World | December 16, 2011 13:21 IST

    Beirut, Dec 16: Syrian army defectors have killed 27 government forces in apparently coordinated attacks that were among the deadliest by rebel troops since the uprising began nine months ago. The escalating unrest prompted Canada