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  • Indian American, Surgeon, Donald Trump

    Indian-American Surgeon General asked to step down by Donald Trump administration

    World | April 22, 2017 19:27 IST

    Indian-American Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, appointed by the previous Obama regime, has been asked to step down by the Trump administration to put its own leadership in place.

  • 57 former patients sue Indian origin surgeon in UK

    57 former patients sue Indian origin surgeon in UK

    World | August 12, 2016 19:55 IST

    Clouds of trouble have started engulfing an Indian-origin surgeon in UK, as he is being sued by 57 of his former patients. The patients have complained that the surgeon, Dr. Arackul Manu Nair performed unnecessary

  • top american indian surgeons to lead robotic surgeons meet

    Top American-Indian surgeons to lead robotic surgeons' meet at Kochi

    World | September 06, 2015 10:41 IST

    Washington: Eminent American and Indian surgeons specialising in 'Minimal Access Surgery' will converge in Kochi, Kerala next week (Sep 12 - 13) to share best practices in the emerging field of robotic surgery.Robotic surgery assures

  • robots helping surgeons where hands can t reach

    Robots helping surgeons where hands can't reach

    April 09, 2015 11:28 IST

    Kolkata: To remove tumours and perform surgeries where their hands cannot reach, doctors are now using 5 mm thin robotic hands to access the affected part in a minimally invasive way.Imported from America, the sophisticated

  • us surgeons separate 10 month old conjoined twin girls

    US surgeons separate 10-month-old conjoined twin girls

    World | February 24, 2015 9:28 IST

    Houston: Doctors are optimistic that 10-month-old formerly conjoined twin girls will survive after a recent surgery that separated them.It took 26 hours last week to separate the girls, Knatalyne Hope Mata and Adeline Faith, who

  • indian american surgeon on a mission to save lives on

    Indian-American surgeon on a mission to save lives on Indian roads

    India | February 16, 2015 19:49 IST

    Washington: An Indian-American surgeon is on a mission to save thousands of lives that are lost on Indian roads every day with an innovative training programme for trauma first responders using a $200,000 simulator dummy.Rajasthan

  • as america s doctor vivek will hit the ground running obama

    As "America's Doctor" Vivek will hit the ground running: Obama

    World | December 16, 2014 7:40 IST

    Washington: Lauding the Senate confirmation of 37-year-old Vivek Murthy as the youngest ever Surgeon General, more than a year after his nomination, US President Barack Obama has said the Indian-American physician would hit the ground

  • google glass is your neighbourhood surgeon

    Google Glass is your neighbourhood surgeon!

    April 22, 2014 0:01 IST

    New York:Using the wearable eyewear Google Glass, doctors in the US saved the life of a patient - opening up a possibility for the device to become an integral part of medical care.Wearing Google Glass,

  • obama nominates indian american vivek murthy for surgeon

    Obama nominates Indian-American Vivek Murthy for Surgeon General

    World | November 19, 2013 13:19 IST

    Washington: US President Barack Obama has nominated Indian-American Vivek Murthy for the post of Surgeon General, which a top American lawmaker described as a historic moment for the community across the country.While Obama had announced

  • us lawmaker hails nomination of murthy as surgeon general

    US lawmaker hails nomination of Murthy as Surgeon General

    World | November 16, 2013 10:55 IST

    Washington : US President Barack Obama's decision to nominate an Indian-American doctor as his next Surgeon General has been hailed as a move recognising the immense contribution of the community in the medical field in

  • indian american surgeon gets highest us immigrant award

    Indian-American surgeon gets highest US immigrant award

    World | November 14, 2013 12:11 IST

    Washington: An Indian-American transplant surgeon has been presented with a prestigious immigrant award of the US government, in recognition of his outstanding achievements.Dr Rahul Jindal, currently a staff transplant surgeon at the Walter Reed National

  • surgeons at sawai man singh hospital perform rare surgery

    Surgeons at Sawai Man Singh hospital perform rare surgery

    India | June 28, 2013 8:27 IST

    Jaipur, June 28: Heart surgeons at Sawai Man Singh hospital here claimed to have not only removed a small plastic bullet stuck for four years in the food pipe of a boy but also repaired

  • breach candy surgeons perform surgery on 11 month girl

    Breach Candy Surgeons Perform Surgery On 11-Month Girl Weighing 18 Kg

    India | November 28, 2011 18:36 IST

    Mumbai, Nov 28: Surgeons at Mumbai's Breach Candy Hospital last week performed a successful surgery on an 11-month-old girl Zoya who was weighing 18 kilograms.  The child was having problems in breathing and sitting because

  • uk surgeons separate twin girls joined at head

    UK Surgeons Separate Twin Girls Joined At Head

    World | September 19, 2011 8:11 IST

    London, Sept 19: Sudanese twins born with the tops of their heads joined together have been separated in a rare and risky series of operations at a London children's hospital, officials said Sunday.Facing the World,

  • one kg ball of hair extracted from bikaner girl s stomach

    One Kg Ball Of Hair Extracted from Bikaner Girl's Stomach

    India | July 28, 2011 14:20 IST

    Bikaner, July 28: Surgeons at  the Tanveer Malawat Hospital here on Wednesday were surprised to find a one kilogram ball of hair inside the stomach of a 17-year-old girl Maggi.The girl, according to her father

  • indian born surgeon loses appeal in aus court

    Indian Born Surgeon Loses Appeal In Aus Court

    World | April 21, 2011 13:48 IST

    Melbourne, Apr 21:  Indian-origin surgeon Jayant Patel jailed over fatally bungled surgeries today lost an appeal against his conviction in an Australian court, with the judge observing that “the case could hardly be more grave”.The

  • bangalore surgeons peform 6 hour dental surgery on two

    Bangalore Surgeons Peform 6-Hour Dental Surgery On Two Tigers

    India | September 11, 2010 15:01 IST

    In a pioneering effort, a five-member team of surgeons performed a six-hour dental surgery to ease the pain on two tigers from Bannerghatta National Park, reports Mirror. The team of five surgeons needed close to