Uzbekistan dictator's daughter Gulnara Karimova practises yoga
New Delhi, Nov 24:  Gulnara Karimova, the eldest daughter of  Uzbekistan's ditactor  President Islam Karimov has posted on Twitter pictures of her in yoga postures.

Gulnara  is  a fashion designer, a jewelry maker, a pop singer, a diplomat, a UN envoy, and a screenwriter, but also the second most hated person in her country after her father.

A media report said  the posting of her pictures at  a yoga session  appeared to be  an attempt to change her public image.

Gulnara's father is a hardline secular leader and he is currently battling with conservative Islamic elements in his country

The Uzbek service of Radio Free Europe, according to The Telegraph, explained why people were upset: 'They were offended by her skimpy workout clothes and the prurient nature of some of the yoga poses, which they said overstepped the boundaries of propriety'.

Despite the criticism, however, there was also plenty of praise for Gulnara  Karimova, with many bloggers praising her figure.

Some believe she is attempting to soften her public image in case she eventually takes over from her 74-year-old father, Islam Karimov, who has been president of Uzbekistan for 22 years.

Gulnara Karimova's website describes her as a poet, designer, mezzo soprano and 'exotic Uzbekistan beauty'.

In her country, she has a high profile as a singer called GooGoosha.

Despite being a fashion designer, she was thrown out of New York Fashion Week last year following a complaint by human rights groups.