Top 10 Dangerous Weapons on earth
New Delhi: Weapons have always been a necessary need for humans, earlier they were designed in order to protect themselves from wild animals or to facilitate food and other necessities.

With the increased power of military and armed forces and with the improvement in technology, the designing of weapons have taken a big turn.

These days there are many weapons , which can took life of a himan with in fraction of seconds, here is the list:

Hollow Point Rounds

Hollow point rounds are basically bullets with a hollow point instead of a lead one. They’re banned in actual warfare.

This is because, unlike rounds which are designed to leave clean trails through a human torso, hollow point rounds refuse to wipe their feet, drink all your booze, and don’t flush your toilet the second they’re invited into your body.

AC 130 Spectre

The AC-130 Spectre  has been seen in many popular video game series. If you’ve played the games, you no doubt know that the AC-130 gunship is able to rain down death from a mile in the sky, literally hitting enemies through windows, and even when they’re within spitting distance of a friendly combatant. 

The AC-130 also packs something colloquially known as “Angel Flares  they’re known as angel flares because, as you can see, they form the image of a huge fiery angel when they’re released.

Dragon’s Breath Rounds


Dragons Breath rounds are shotgun shells that, rather than being filled with buckshot, are filled with magnesium shards which, upon hitting air, immediately set on fire.

This means that someone out there looked at a shotgun, a device capable of turning your face into raw meat, and decided that it needed the ability to shoot fire.

Dragon’s breath rounds are understandably illegal as hell, and have seen virtually no use in combat. It’s way more dangerous than it sounds.

Metal Storm

Metal Storm is capable of firing a million rounds per minute. That’s 16,000 rounds, per second. The  Metal Storm system fires so many bullets in such a brief amount of time, into the exact same location, that it’s likened to firing a javelin.

A javelin made of bullets. This gives the system superior armor-piercing potential, since if one bullet isn’t enough to break through, the other 16,000 probably will.

Depleted Uranium Rounds

Depleted uranium rounds are rounds with a small amount of uranium crammed in them, because the pointy metal thing that flew at you at 400 MPH wasn’t dangerous enough.

It’s not what these rounds do the human body that makes them terrifying though; it’s what they do to armor. When depleted uranium rounds are in the hands of your enemy, the last place you’d want to be is inside of a tank.

This is because it’s “self-sharpening,” which means when the round hits a hard target, it immediately hardens and burns through anything stupid enough to get in the way; the second it hits air, the round instantly catches fire and then explodes.


The AA-12 is a fully-automatic shotgun. It fires shotgun rounds at a rate of 300 per minute. If being hit by a shotgun isn’t a scary enough thought as is, imagine being hit by six shotguns, all within the space of a second.

The AA-12 is able to accept multiple ammo types, ranging from buckshot all the way up to high-explosive grenades. It can fire grenades. 300 of them, in a minute.

Barret M-82

The Barret M-82 anti-material rifle, AKA the Barret 50 Cal, is a sniper rifle that fires bullets bigger than a standard battery faster than the speed of sound.

The weapon is easily capable of taking your head clean off from a mile away, through a solid concrete wall. Barret has an effective range of 1800 meters. And two, the sheer size and speed of the projectile gives it enough kinetic energy to literally rip apart a human being.

WP Grenades

WP grenades, also known as white phosphorus grenades, are grenades that funnily enough, throw out a cloud of white phosphorus.

Well a single fleck of burning phosphorus is easily able to burn not only through a person’s skin, but it’ll continue burning until it reaches the bone itself .

The grenade has an effective range of 35 meters. The average human can throw a grenade 30 meters.

Kinetic Bombardment

Kinetic bombardment use no explosives. It uses only the kinetic energy achieved by the rods falling to Earth. Despite this, the weapons theoretically could have a payload equal to that of a nuclear bomb..

Thermobaric Weapons

Termobaric weapons are probably one of the most powerful weapons on earth.They have the ability to vaporize an entire city block. They’re destined for one of the most painful deaths imaginable.

They produce a massive shockwave that, upon hitting a human being, can cause their lungs to explode.