M F Husain Surrenders Indian Passport

India's most famous artist MF Husain has surrendered his Indian passport on March 7 to the Indian Embassy in Doha.

As per the reports provided by an Indian Embassy official, Hussain had to surrender his passport as India did not entertain dual citizenship.

The official said, "So in such a situation, surrendering passport by the person concerned is mandatory and Husain has only done that."

Hussain who has a Qatari citizenship had a two-hour discussion with Deepa Gopalan Wadhwa, Indian Ambassador in Qatar.

Hussain was compelled to go away from India in the year 2006 by Hindu fundamentalists because some of his paintings depicted Indian gods and godesses in the nude.

The artist wanted to return to India but necessary steps were not taken to welcome him back to India. Indian government quoted Hussain as 'pride of India' and also assured him security after Hussain was granted Qatari citizenship.

Home secretary G K Pillai had recently said, "There is no case against M F Husain. Supreme Court has quashed all the cases against him."

Foreign secretary Nirupama Rao said, "He (Husain) is the pride of India," "I would like him to feel safe and secure in India".