Know the new AAP MLAs from Delhi
New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has given shock waves to the two big national parties- Congress and BJP in Delhi state assembly elections. Thwe party has emerged as the second largest party in these elections.

Let’s have a look at some of those successful AAP candidates who trounced veteran MLAs including ministers in these elections:

1.Rakhi Birla

Rakhi Birla, a former journalist, defeated Congress minister and four time MLA Rajkumar Chauhan from Mangolpuri assembly constituency.

Rakhi belongs to ‘Valmiki’ community and her father was a Congressman for a long period of time but he left Congress Janlokpal movement of 2011.

2.Vinod Binny

Vinod Binny, a former Congressman, has succeeded in trouncing Congress minister and four time MLA A K Walia from Laxmi nagar constituency.

Binny was twice elected as ward commissioner and was also part of Congress party from 2009 to 2011. He also left the Congress party during Janlokpal movement of 2011.

3.Commando Surendra Singh

Commando Surendra Singh, a former NSG commando who lost his hearing abilities in a blast during operation Black Thunder of 26/11 (When Pak terrorists attacked Taj Hotel), has defeated Karan Singh Pawar of BJP.

Since he lost his hearing abilities, he was relived from the army. He actively participated in  Janlokpal movement and joined AAP later on.

4.Dharmendra Singh Koli

Koli has defeated three time Congress MLA Veer Singh Dheengan from Sunder Nagari constituency.

Koli has been a social activist for a long time. He joined Arvind Kejriwal’s movement along with his elder sister Santosh died in a road accident.

5.Raju Dhingan

Raju Dhingan, a former CISF personnel, defeated Sunil Kumar of BJP and Harnam singh of Congress from Trilokpuri Constituency.

Raju belongs to ‘Valmiki’ community and is very popular among youths. He imparts free bodybuilding taining to the youths of his area.

6.Somnath Bharti

Somnath Bharti, an IIT post graduate and a lawyer by profession, trounced former BJP Mayor of MCD Aarti Mehra from Malviya Nagar constituency.

After completing M SC from IIT, Somnath got a degree in law and started practicing law. He fought cases on behalf youths who were arrested while protesting against Delhi gang rape.

7.Akhileshpati Tripathy

Akhilesh who was brutally attacked for opposing black-marketing of essential commodities, has defeated Ashol Goyal of BJP from Model Town (North)


Prakash , a former Assistant manager with an MNC, has defeated BJP candidate Gagan Shrilal from Devali (South west) seat.

Prakash has always been interested in helping people of his area.

9.Saurav Bhardwaj

Saurav Bhardwaj, an engineer by profession, has defeated BJP candidate Ajay Kumar from Greater Kailash seat.

In 2005, Saurav took fought for justice to a girl who was raped. While trying to get justice for that girl, Saurav realized that one must have enough knowledge of law in such matters. After that, Saurav got a degree in law and now he offers legal help to the poor section of the society whenever it’s needed.