Jab They Met: Shahnawaz Hussain and Renu Sharma
New Delhi: ‘Unki aankhen bahut khoobsoorat lagi mujhe’ (I found her eyes very beautiful), this is how BJP spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain chose to describe his wife.  And indeed, those eyes have magnificent ability to do all the talking.

Like a typical Romeo-Juliet chronicle, this love story also had a few ups and downs but what is more intriguing, is the intensity of fondness two people can sustain for each other, through  thick and thin,  forever.

A regular daily routine bus travel towards Shanawaz’s college and Renu’s school would change the course of their entire lives, and this was something no one could have ever thought even in their weirdest of dreams.

The story goes back to the year 1986 when Shahnawaz was pursuing his graduation and Renu was only a higher secondary student. Taking the same bus everyday was a routine but Renu’s mesmerizing beautiful eyes added some twist to the tale.

Amidst the entire crowded bus it was Renu’s two stunningly beautiful eyes which caught Shahnawaz’s attention and he was held captive by her seamless beauty.

So love struck, Shahnawaz started to look for ways to get noticed by Renu and offering a seat in the bus was the closest option for making an approach.

Unaware of Shahnawaz’s intentions, Renu kept accepting the favor treating it as a general courtesy.

Completely enchanted and fascinated by Renu, Shahnawaz followed her to her home and did all the homework before making the vital approach.

One day when Shahnawaz saw everything falling in place, he followed Renu to her home and tried getting himself introduced. Uninformed about what all this was about, Renu did not pay much heed to it.

The chain of events had just begun and a legendary story was in the making. Shahnawaz got himself introduced to Renu’s family which would prove to be a piece of good fortune for him in the later parts of their love story.

He soon found a place in the hearts of her family members but the aim to make a place in Renu’s heart was yet to be achieved.

Renu’s introvert behavior created more complexities in Shahnawaz’s road to conquer her heart.  He tried different ways to enter into conversations but ,as always, Renu was heedless.

After Shahnawaz’s few approaches, Renu started receiving clues what Shahnawaz was aiming at and before she could make herself sure about those ideas, a greeting card sorted out everything.

It was Renu’s birthday and Shahnawaz couldn’t have found a better opportunity to confess his feelings. Renu was flooded with gifts from Shahnawaz but the most important and significant of all was the card which said ‘will you be my life partner’.

Amazed looking at the proposal, Renu’s answer was an obvious one. It was too early for a girl to jump into a relationship with a person who she had known for not more than six months.

A straightforward denial was not given to Shahnawaz’s proposal but it wasn’t a yes either. Renu offered her friendship and choose to know him a little more before making the biggest decision of her life.

It took nine long years for their friendship to evolve into a concrete undying bond.

But this was just the beginning. The couple had much more coming their way.

Renu was a Hindu and Shahnawaz hailed from a Muslim family. During those nine years, this concern was not only raised over and over by the couple but also a proper thought process was invested by them as to how things would work out.

But ``when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it’’ and this came true with Shahnawaz and Renu gathering courage and standing up for their love.

It was a time consuming process but the liking which Renu’s family had developed for Shahnawaz over a period of time turned out to be a boon for the couple.

For Shahnawaz, it wasn’t not a cakewalk either. Some concerns were raised at his place too, but being the favorite and a lovable child of his parents, things fell into place quite easily. Shahnawaz’s family showed support and faith in their son’s choice.

After the couple had put a considerable amount of efforts behind convincing the families, they received a nod.

And in the year 1994, it happened. The couple tied a knot and became one for the rest of their lives.

But this was just a part of their glorious love story. What made this love story an epic was the unbreakable bond and the seamless togetherness the couple shared after marriage and managing household in the most little of the resources available.

Renu had become a government school teacher by now and Shahnawaz was still fighting to make things fall in place in his career. He had been a member of the BJP Yuva Morcha and was waiting for a platform to make full use of his skills and give his career a flying start.

Renu was the bread earner amongst the two. Resources were minimum; the lifestyle was that of an average household but love was in abundance.

Shahnawaz accompanied Renu to her school and that hand-in-hand walk gave an immense amount of happiness which was beyond comparison with any materialistic pleasure.

`Uss walk mei hi itna mazaa aata tha ki kabhi laga hi nahi ki gaadi ki zarurat hai’ (that walk was so enjoyable that we never felt the need of a car), says Renu with a contended face. Their recreational activities were confined till having paani-puri at a roadside stall or rarely watching a movie but those moments of closeness made the couple feel ecstatic about life.

In the year 1996, the couple had their first son Arbaaz. Overjoyed and delighted over  the birth of their first offspring,  Renu and Shahnawaz  got a new meaning to their lives.

Shahnawaz received his first ticket to contest election and then there was no looking back. With a succession of good and bad experiences, Shahnawaz’s career took a start which he always longed for.

Two years later, in 1998 their second son Adil was born.

After spending few initial years in facing hardships, Renu and Shahnawaz got their prolonged dues.

With their two grown up sons, Renu and Shahnawaz look back upon those times and feel proud about standing side by side through all ups and downs.