Close encounter with Ethiopian wildlife (view pics)
The beauty of Ethiopia may leave you spell bound. Being a tourist here really changed my opinion of Ethiopia. It has plurality of flora’s and fauna’s.

Ethiopia is also famous for its great ridges and stunning vistas, a perfect spot for a vacation. It has many rugged mountains, some of which are more than 4000 meters high. Tisisat, the Blue Nile fall is one of the most wonderful places in the world. Ethiopia also provides a microcosm to sub-Saharan ecosystem.

With birdlife in abundance, the indigenous animals from Walia Ibex to wild Ass roam around freely as intended by nature. Ethiopia is a place full of loads of adventure.

Also after rain, Ethiopia is a land of deck with flowers and many other native poisonous plants. In short, Ethiopia has a very rich heritage of wildlife sanctuary in the world. I know that for many people around the globe, the very first impression of Ethiopia would bring the 1984 famine which still hurts its growth of full fledge tourism.

Apart from wildlife, places to see in Ethiopia are a lush of green hills, decadent nightlife of Addis Ababa, an island of monasteries of Lake Tana and Lalibela and 12 the country may cause you a unique disorienting. People of Ethiopia insist on doing things by their own their own calendars.

Like other countries where the crowd packs up to have glimpse of a lion, in Ethiopia you might have animals all to yourself. You would need a couple of weeks’ holiday in order to do justice to this sprawling country. There are about couple of wildlife sanctuaries in Ethiopia such as – Didessa Wildlife Sanctuary, a protected area and a wildlife sanctuary, which also includes a century complex of churches.

Also not located in Didessa Woreda, which is a part of Illubabor zone of Oromia region, ‘Harar Wildlife Sanctuary’ is a protected area and a wildlife sanctuary in Ethiopia popularly known as Babille Elephant Sanctuary, it is located in the Miraq(East) Hararghe zone of the Oromia region, south of babille.

Kuni-Muktar Mountain Nyala Sanctuary a protected area and wildlife sanctuary mainly invented for veiling the critically endangered Tragelaphus Buxtoni or Mountain Nyala (a biggest and rare antelope).

Senkelle Swayne’s Hartebeest Sanctuary a wildlife area in the Oromia region of Ethiopia, dedicated especially for the protection of Swayne’s Hartebeest. Covering 58 kilometers, the reserve is located some 10 kilometers south of Shashemene-Arba Minch road near the town of Aje.

Stephanie Wildlife Sanctuary and Yabelo Wildlife Sanctuary both are a protected area and wildlife sanctuary in Ethiopia located in Borena zone of the Oromia region west of the town of Yabelo.

Safaris in Ethiopia consist of – Addis Ababa, The capital city of Ethiopia, also known as the third highest capital city in the world. With descent climate, pleasant temperature and a bustling atmosphere makes it a place to explore, Bahir Dar with stunning vistas such as monasteries lake and Blue night fall, Bahir Dar is a place where staying is worth while.

Lalibela is very famous for its rock-hewn churches; town of Lalibela is an absolute must see for any first time visitor. With cultural rich heritage, Ethiopia is a must visit country.