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February 14, 2016
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World's biggest mystery explained: The Bermuda triangle

India TV world desk [ Updated 28 Aug 2014, 07:39:37 ]
World's biggest mystery explained: The Bermuda triangle

Nov 11, 2012: The Bermuda Triangle is located off the South-Eastern coast of the United States and in the Atlantic Ocean. The three corners of the triangle are: Miami (Florida); San Juan (Puerto Rico); and Bermuda (the north-Atlantic island).

There have been a number of mysterious vanishings and unsolved mysteries in this stretch of ocean. Most of people believe that the Bermuda Triangle is a dangerous place to venture.  More than 1000 ships and planes have disappeared in the triangle area over the past five centuries and continue to do so. 

The accidents have mostly taken place near the southern boundary of the triangle between Florida and Puerto Rico.

Many believe that Devil is at play here and therefore call the area also as Devil’s Triangle.

There are many stories and myths created through sheer imagination of writers who have used them rampantly to draw publicity to their books, but is there a scientific explanation for it all.

Five explanations to  Bermuda Triangle:

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