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February 6, 2016
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World's 10 worst dictators

[ Updated 18 Apr 2014, 07:38:12 ]
World's 10 worst dictators

New Delhi: Since the medieval ages, there has been many rulers in history who were tyrants and carried out brutal massacres. The names that immediately come to mind are tyrants like Genghis Khan, Taimurlane, Nadir Shah and many others.

A dictator in the modern period is one  who assumes absolute power with the help of his army but not officially sanctioned by heritage, as in an absolute monarchy.  

The world have seen so many cruel dictators like Hitler in the history but the scenario is not completely.  

Although democracy and freedom have reached at the top level in most of the countries all over the world, there still exists dictatorship in the world.  

Here are the 10 worst dictators in the world:

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