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December 20, 2014

Sri Ravi Shankar leads special meditation to mark Africa Day

PTI [ Updated 26 May 2013, 07:49:39 ]
Sri Ravi Shankar leads special meditation to mark Africa Day

Johannesburg, 26 May: Indian spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar led thousands of people gathered in 23 countries via a live weblink in a special meditation session billed I-Meditate Africa to mark Africa Day yesterday.

"Let's pray for a violence-free, stress-free and prosperous Africa where nature is preserved, with its wildlife and water," the founder of the Art of Living Foundation said after guiding thousands of people from all races and religious groups in a meditation session.

"The whole continent of 53 countries is celebrating today 50 years of joining hands together. A peaceful, prosperous Africa is my dream and I'm sure the dream of millions of people around the world," Shankar said.

The I-Meditate Africa concept was created by two young South African members of the Art of Living Foundation, Vanishree Pavadai and Kirtida Bhana.

"Instead of Africa being called the Dark Continent as in the past, let's create a pattern of vibrations that will make it the Continent of Light," Bhana said at the gathering in Johannesburg, which joined Durban and Cape Town in South Africa as host cities.

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