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February 12, 2016
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10 killed,200 injured in Bangladesh tornado

IANS [ Updated 23 Mar 2013, 09:37:41 ]
10 killed,200 injured in Bangladesh tornado

Dhaka, March 23: At lest 10 people died and over 200 injured in a tornado which swept through Bangladesh's eastern Brahmanbaria district, about 110 km from Dhaka, yesterday evening, an official said.

The tornado flattened hundreds of houses, trees and electric poles while damaging crops on farmland in four sub-districts, reported Xinhua citing Nur Mahmud Mozumder, chief executive officer of the district.

The tornado, with a speed of over 70 km, was accompanied by hail storm and lasted for a few minutes, the official said, adding the victims were killed by collapsed houses and fallen trees.

The toll might go up as reports from remote villages were yet to be collected, he said

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