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World's 8 most ferocious dogs

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PTI [Updated:09 Dec 2012, 7:53:14]

New Delhi: Man bites dog: an adage used to illustrate that the media only reports the extraordinary. 

Dogs bites man? Well that story tends to get plenty of attention, too, and with good reason. Dog bites and attacks can be traumatic, life-changing experiences.

Some dogs show unprecedented skills when it comes to protecting their owner and property.  

However, if you own this type of animal, you also have to consider that you may be faced some day with a liability issue as well.  

That's because close to 50 percent of people who get bit by dogs have to seek emergency room care.

So, if you are the owner of a breed that is considered dangerous, you may want to consider buying extra liability insurance to cover any dog bite incidents.  

Dogs that are fearless, protective, and loyal exhibit the common traits that can lead to injuries and bites.

world s 8 most ferocious dogs- India Tv
world s 8 most ferocious dogs