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February 10, 2016
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Women will not be given combat role in Indian army as of now

PTI [ Updated 17 Apr 2013, 10:19:12 ]
Women will not be given combat role in Indian army as of now

New Delhi, Apr 17: Around 200 new vacancies for granting permanent commission to women officers will be created in army but they will have to wait for some more time before getting combat roles, an Army study has said.

The study, under South Western Army Commander Lt Gen Gyan Bhushan, was ordered by Army Headquarters to take a holistic review of the role of women officers and their aspirations.

The study, completed in March, was discussed at the Army Commanders' Conference last week.

It has recommended opening up of 200 more avenues for permanent commission to women but recommended some more time for army to take a final decision on their role in combat, Army sources said.

The study had also compared the working conditions and roles of women officers in countries such as China, Russia, the UK and the US, which recently inducted females in combat duties.

The 200 vacancies for women officers are to be created in branches, including legal and ordnance corps branches, where they already get permanent commission.

Before finalising the study report, the team of Lt Gen Bhushan met around 350 women officers from all the commands of the force and assessed their ability to withstand toughness required for soldiering.

It also met 120 lady cadets at the Officer's Training Academy at Chennai and held deliberations with the Director Generals of the various arms and services in the force along with the heads of CRPF and BSF.

The study has also given its views on the impact of increased recruitment of women officers can have on the non-combat postings of their male counterparts, they said.

At present, women officers are posted in peaceful stations only.

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