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February 9, 2016
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Timeline of gold treasure hunt in Unnao, UP

India TV news desk [ Updated 18 Oct 2013, 16:00:04 ]
Timeline of  gold treasure hunt in Unnao, UP

New Delhi: Here is a timeline of how the treasure hunt began at Daundia Kheda near Unnao, Uttar Pradesh, where a sadhu has predicted 1000 tonnes of gold buried beneath an old fort.

October 2 - Archaeological Survey of India and Geological Survey of India teams decide to visit. Local SDM and police station officer survey the Daudia Kheda fort, meet the sadhu Shobhan Sarkar.

Oct 3 - Both ASI and GSI teams reach Baksar, meet sadhu Shobhan Sarkar, surveyed the fort premises.

Oct 4 - Teams again surveyed the fort premises. Bhoomi Poojan begins in the presence of sadhu Shobhan Sarkar.

Oct 5 - GSI uprade team and Union minister of state for Agriculture and Food processing Charandas Mahant were to come, but did not reach.

Oct 6- MoS Charandas Mahant did not come. On sadhu's order, the local village pradhan prepared a memorandum of demands.

Oct 7- SP Unnao Sonia Singh reaches Baksar. At 6 pm, Union MoS Charandas Mahant reached sadhu's ashram, met Shobhan Sarkar.

Oct 8 - Both GSI and ASI teams did not reach Baksar, but crowds begin to gather.

Oct 9 - The block pramukhof Bighapur hands over a resolution offering 116 bighas land for setting up food processing industry to Swami Omji, disciple of sadhu Shobhan Sarkar.

Oct 10- ASI team surveys the area, tells Shobhan Sarkar, excavation will begin from Oct 18.

Oct 11- Shobhan Sarkar's disciple Swami Omji meets state government officials in Lucknow, discusses preparations for ASI excavation.

Oct 12- Huge crowds gather in Daundia Kheda.

Oct 13- ASI team pitches tent at the fort. Rajya Sabha member Brajesh Pathak visits fort.

Oct 14- The family members of Rao Ram Baksh Singh reach Daundia Kheda.

Oct 15- Number of labourers increased in Daundia Kheda. Cleaning of entire area begins.

Oct 16- ASI team seeks more security in view of huge crowds gathering in the area/

Oct 17 - ASI team begins measurements and prepares for excavation.

Oct 18 - ASI starts excavation at three points.

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