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February 13, 2016
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Terror attack planned on Modi's Kanpur rally too: Police

PTI [ Updated 29 Oct 2013, 23:09:30 ]
Terror attack planned on Modi's Kanpur rally too: Police

Kanpur: Two days after serial blasts targeted Narendra Modi’s Patna rally, UP police today said they had received intelligence inputs about terrorists plotting to attack the leader’s October 19 rally in Kanpur.

“Three days before Narendra Modi’s rally here, the police had received an alert from IB that three terrorists were present in the city and were planning to attack the rally.

They could have used rocket launcher and IED,” Kanpur SSP Yashaswi Yadav told reporters today.

The SSP claimed that the terrorists had reached the city and even recced the venue of the rally.

“We had deployed policemen at and around the venue of the rally and had given them pictures of the suspected terrorists.

This probably scared them,” the SSP said. “We had made strict security arrangements for the rally. Every person entering the venue was checked at the entrance gates. Policemen were deployed there in plain clothes also,” he said.

“Two days before the rally, we had increased patrolling in the city and security personnel were deployed at all sensitive areas of the city,” he added.

The SSP further claimed that suspected terrorists arrested in connection with the Patna blasts have confessed that they had planned to attack the Kanpur rally also, but could not because of police high alert.

When asked why was the media was not informed about the threat to the rally, the SSP said this would have alerted the terrorists.

Seven blasts targeting BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s ‘Hunkar rally’ in Patna on Sunday claimed six lives and left over 80 people injured.

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