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February 7, 2016
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Sex, sleaze and CD: Skeletons tumble out as Asaram's sewadar Shiva spills out the beans

India TV reporters [ Updated 06 Sep 2013, 10:42:52 ]
Sex, sleaze and CD: Skeletons tumble out as Asaram's sewadar Shiva spills out the beans

Jodhpur: Incarcerated self-styled godman Asaram Bapu's sewadar Shiva, the key witness of the Aug 15 sexual assault case, has reportedly told Jodhpur police during investigation that the baba used to frequently meet women alone in his ashrams and show them sleazy CDs.

According to Additional Advocate General of Rajasthan government Anand Purohit, Shiva has confessed to his involvement in the crime, and has even told police that he will provide a CD to them.

Purohit said "The minor girl and her parents from Shahjahanpur, UP were compelled to come to Jodhpur. Till now it has been revealed that all the accused were compelling the victim's family for nearly 10 days to visit Jodhpur. It was pre-planned."

Jodhpur police is trying to find out the names of other drop-out Class 12 girl students from Asaram's gurkuls in Chhindwara and other places, who had either left or had committed suicide.

Shiva reportedly told Jodhpur police that the baba used to meet women alone in his cottage which he had named "Dhyaan ki kutia" (Meditation cottage).

No one was allowed into the cottage, and Asaram reportedly used to show sleazy CDs to lonely women to arouse them, Shiva reportedly told police.

A team of Jodhpur police officials will shortly leave for Ahmedabad to procure the incriminating CD of Asaram in the company of women.

Investigators said, Shiva was very close to Asaram. It was he who was tasked to bring the girl and her parents from the railway station to the cottage. Shiva told police, he didn't go to the station himself, but advised the parents to take an auto from the station to reach the cottage.

Public prosecutor Anand Purohit shared some details of the investigation with Jodhpur court and added that Shiva's revelations will make the case water-tight against Asaram.

There is another character in this sordid story. She is Shilpi, whose real name is Sanchita Gupta, the warden of Chhindwara girls' hostel at the gurukul. Shilpi  had a very close relationship with Asaram, and had been given some flats in return.

Shilpi is now underground. It was she who had called in the victim's parents from UP and had asked them to go to Jodhpur for "special treatment" from Asaram.   

Jodhpur police believe Shilpi's arrest will bring out more skeletons from the closet.

Jodhpur police officials laughingly reveal how Asaram hectored the team of policemen for nearly 90 minutes by giving them an impromptu discourse in Indore, when they had gone there to serve the summons. Asaram even offered the policemen to stay in his ashram, and told the sub-inspector from Jodhpur to leave the low-paying police job and take over one of his ashrams.

During questioning, Asaram went to the extent of warning policemen not to be strict, otherwise he would "curse them", and if they fell in line, he would "bless" them.

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